Encountering a "Serious Error" message when trying to preview a report in Club Accounting 3

When trying to print from Club Accounting 3, you run into an alert, stating that Club Accounting has encountered a Serious Error.
The error may state that the program will quit; even if it does not, the program will still not be able to proceed with previewing or printing the report.

We have seen a handful of reasons this might happen. Listed below are the most common causes, with information on how to check if they are causing the probelem, and resolve the issue.

While removing and re-installing Club Accounting can solve a few issues, we prefer to troubleshoot first, in case the issue is not directly related to an issue with how the program was installed. One of the few times this is not the case is if you have recently changed computers, had a new drive installed on the computer, or updated to a different version of Windows. In those cases, it is possible that Club Accounting may have been moved, or had some part of it accidentally removed. If any of those things have happened since the last time Club Accounting worked correctly, then we suggest to start by re-installing Club Accounting, as described in FAQ 1343.

If those things are not the case; if no particular changes have been made to the computer recently, and the only thing you have done with Club Accounting since the last time it worked is to make monthly transaction entries, then please proceed with the following troubleshooting steps:


Incorrect Date/Time format

This is uncommon, and easy to miss, but is also one of the fastest things to check and correct. The behavior mimics having bad data, since it usually only occurs with Valuation reports.
To check this, look down at the date showing up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen; it should show up as MM/DD/YYYY
If it does not show up this way, or if you aren't 100% sure (if you're sitting at the computer on October 10th, December 12th, or any other time when the date number is the same as the month for example) Please check FAQ 1296 on Setting the Date/Time format in Windows to check the date/time format for your computer.

If you make any changes to the date, time, or regional settings, then make sure to re-start the computer, and then try Club Accounting again. If not, the next thing to check will be if Club Accounting is set to run in administrator mode on your computer.

Not Set to Run As Admin

This is only an issue on copies of Windows after XP (Widows Vista, Windows 7, etc.), and is one of the most important things to check.
First, check which version of Windows you have. Each version of Windows has a different style for the Start button in the lower left-hand corner, so recognizing this can be an easy way to tell which version you have. The images below are, from left to right: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 are very similar, where the Start button goes a little above the toolbar in Windows Vista, but not in 7. XP and Windows 8 are the easiest, since XP's start button has the word Start on it, while Windows 8 is a much more basic uncolored set of squares.

If you have Windows XP, this is not an issue; check the other sections of this note for further options.
For any other copy of Windows, the next thing to check will be if you see any sort of alert from Windows when Club Accounting starts. If you have Vista 7, or 8, try opening Club Accounting, and see if you get an alert similar to the following:

  • If you DO see and alert similar to this, then Club Accounting is set to run as administrator, and you should check the next section, on confirming if this may just be bad data.
  • If you DO NOT see an alert similar to this, then please take a look at FAQ 1257 on setting Club Accounting to Run as Administrator.

Bad Data

The easiest way to check if the printing error is occurring due to bad data, is to try previewing more than one report.
Reports such as the Valuation and Member Status report require the program to make calculations; if either of these reports are causing an error, The best test will be to try printing a Cash Journal or Transaction Summary Report.

  • If one of these other reports does print, then there is likely some issue with a transaction entry that is causing the error. If that happens, the next thing to check will be to see if Compound Annual Return has been activated.
    • In Club Accounting select Settings from the Tools menu.
    • Click the check-box next to "Show Compound Annual Return" to remove the check-mark.
    • Click OK.
    • Try the Valuation or Member status report again. If the reports work this time, then some transaction entry is causing the Compound Annual Return figure to be too high, or too low for the report to accurately display.
    • If that happens, you can try deleting and re-entering any transactions made since the last time the reports worked, or send in a copy of a backup file from Club Accounting, and have one of our support team members take a look at what might be causing the trouble. If you want to send in your file, please take a look at FAQ 1368 on Sending in a Club Accounting data file.
  • If NEITHER of these other reports will print, then it is not likely to be a data error.

Not installed on the C Drive

This is an uncommon issue, as computers default to having a C: drive as the primary place where programs are installed; there are a few reasons this can happen though:

  • If the computer had a hard drive failure at some point, the repair person may not have installed the new drive as C.
  • If the original C drive was getting too small, or too old, someone may have installed a new hard drive on the computer to give extra space for programs to be installed on.

To check if this might be the issue, go to the Start menu, and click on the Computer icon (in Windows 8, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, tap the letter X, and then select File Explorer)
When the window opens, you may see several drives listed, one of which is the will include C: as part of the name.

  • If you see a drive with C: as part of the name, double-click to open it, and then look for a folder named Program Files or Program Files(x86).
    • If you have both of these folders, both should be checked for an ICLUBcentral folder.
    • If the ICLUBcentral folder is present, check for a Club Accounting folder.
    • If the member you can navigate to C:\Program Files\ICLUBcentral\Club Accounting -OR - C:\Program Files(x86)\ICLUBcentral\Club Accounting, then the Club Accounting program is installed in the correct location.
      If there is no C drive, or if you are not able to locate the ICLUBcentral and Club Accounting folders on the C drive, then there are three main options we can suggest:
      • If the computer does have a C drive with a program files folder on it, the easiest solution is to remove, and re-install Club Accounting on the correct drive. Use FAQ 1343 on Uninstalling and re-installing Club Accounting. in this case.
      • If the computer does not have a C drive, you may want to find a technician who can change whatever drive letter is being used as the primary drive back to a C drive.
      • If you do not want to have any work or changes on the computer, we can suggest to sign up for our online accounting at https://www.myiclub.com instead.

Compound Annual Return is too high or too low

  • In Club Accounting (desktop), go to TOOLS > SETTINGS.
  • Click the check-box next to "Show Compound Annual Return" to remove the check-mark.
  • Click OK.