Entering a transaction for inactive stock - reactivate a security

In the myICLUB.com online accounting, all stocks are always listed, but when a security is sold off, it is grouped together with all past securities at the bottom of the list.
All you should need to do for myICLUB.com then is to scroll down the list of available ticker symbols when you are on the page to enter the new transaction. You will recognize when you get to the former securities, as they will all have a small * next to the ticker symbol.


In Club Accounting 3, inactive or sold off stocks are hidden by default, so you will need to specifically have the program show them.
A stock will be reactivated when entering a new buy, or reinvested dividend transaction. If you need to enter a cash dividend, this can always be done without needing to re-activate the security.
Regardless of the case, first choose the transaction you want to enter. On the transaction page, put a check mark in the box next to Show Inactives.
Now with the check-box selected, click in the list of stocks next to Select Security.
Club Accounting will still show the currently active stocks first, but will then list all inactive stocks with a * next to their name, as you continue to scroll down the list.
Select the stock in question, and you will be able to enter the transaction.