Specific stock prices are zero (0.00) on the portfolio screen or valuation.

If you are seeing 0.00 on the Portfolio or Valuation, this is generally because the stock is not traded on one of the regular markets that we follow, has been de-listed, or has changed their ticker symbol.

  • For the first case, the easiest way to check this is to look at the ticker symbol from the broker. If the ticker symbol ends with OTC , PK, PNK, OB, OTB, or similar, then the security is not currently listed on the regular markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX). Prices for this type of security will not regularly update until they are listed on one of these markets.
    If you aren’t sure whether the security is in one of these categories, you can always check on a site such as Yahoo Finance; if you start typing in a ticker symbol there, the site will show options for which securities have the closest matching ticker symbol.
    This doesn't mean the stock price has to show 0.00 on the Portfolio page or valuation report at all times, though. When you create a valuation, you will need to manually enter the price for the security at that time; the system will remember the price you enter and display it on the Portfolio (or any page where the stock price might show up) until you create a new valuation.


  • If all stocks in the portfolio or valuation are showing zero, it's most likely that the valuation was accidentally saved before any prices were entered.
    In that case, please use our FAQ page on deleting the valuation, so it can be re-entered:


  • If the stock has been de-listed or gone out of business, it's often best to sell all of the shares for 1.00 , with a commission of 1.00 so that the stock will no longer be listed in the club records.


  • If the stock has changed their ticker symbol, this will usually require the treasurer to manually update the ticker for the security. For steps on how to do this, please see our FAQ page at:

For more information about how securities get to be listed and traded on the regular markets, as well as the requirements for staying listed, and what happens when a security gets de-listed, we suggest following the link to this a helpful article on Investopedia.com: