Import Prices window shows 'Not Found', 'Invalid', or 'NONE'

When trying to update prices in Toolkit by using the Update Prices button, the import prices window may, instead of listing company names, tickers and prices, show multiple entries of 'Not Found', Invalid, or 'NONE', as in the image below.

Import Prices - Unusual.JPG

While this is rare, it so far seems to be connected to security a security program installed on the computer.

If you have a security program installed, we would suggest to try temporarily turning the program off, closing, and then re-opening Toolkit.


If the program has a ‘Web Shield’ or other similar ‘Safe Browsing’ portion, separate from a firewall or virus protection, you may wish to test turning off just that one portion of the program, instead of the whole thing.


If this works, we would suggest to check with the support for the security program, and ask if there is a way to specifically add Toolkit6.exe and Toolkit6Server.exe to a list of programs that are not monitored, or blocked. This may clear up the trouble in Toolkit, without having to disable the security program.