Rename an account, or make an account inactive in Club Accounting 3

Renaming an account in Club Accounting 3 takes a few steps:

Go to the Club menu, and select Financial Institution Accounts.
From this screen, double-click the name of the account you want to change.
You can change both the Financial Institution Name, and the specific Account Name. Keep in mind, only the Account name will show up when you are entering regular transactions.
Once the changes are made, click OK to save those changes.

If your club has changed to a different Bank or Broker, it is also possible to mark an account as inactive; this means that the account would not show up when entering transactions. This can only be done to accounts that have a zero balance, so if you are changing to a different bank or broker, and do not want to simply change the name of the account, make sure that you first go to Transactions > Transfer Cash, and enter a transfer of cash from the old account to the new one.
Once this is done, go to Club > Financial Institution Accounts, Double-click the account you want to hide, then click the 'Account is inactive' check-box available on the Add/Edit screen, and click OK to complete the process.