Tesla (TSLA) merger with Solar City (SCTY) - 2016

Tesla completed its merger with SolarCity on 11/21/16 for Tesla stock.

The SEC filing for this merger (S-4A filing of 10/11/16) was found in the Investor Relations area of the Tesla web site.


This merger is a simple merger. The information below is based on the information available from the S-4A filed with the SEC. Price information is from websites offering historical prices.


The Merger Entry

Go to Transactions > Merger or Accounting > Securities > Record merger of securities depending on the version of the software being used. If you are unfamiliar with merger transactions you can get help at this URL: https://www.iclub.com/support/kb/default.asp?page=normal_merger


Here is the information you need to complete the merger.

Date: 11/21/16

Old Security or Merging Company: SolarCity (SCTY)

Price per share of old Security / SCTY:  20.34

Cash received:  See your broker statement for cash-in-lieu

New Security: Tesla (TSLA)

Shares received : .11 x (#of TSLA shares owned)

            (Remember to include fractional shares.)

 For example, if you owned 100 SCTY shares, you should receive .11 x 100 = 11 TSLA shares.

Save the transaction and the merger has been entered.