McAfee: Toolkit6.exe is moved, will not start, will not uninstall

Members with McAfee have seen some cases where Toolkit will suddenly no longer open. For those who have run into it, the initial message that comes up most often is that the program has been moved, deleted, or is for some reason inaccessible.

From our experience, this means that the McAfee program has moved the Toolkit program to a Quarantine. While you can navigate to the Quarantine area and choose to restore Toolkit6, we have found in many cases that McAfee only respects this until the next time you try to open Toolkit, at which point it will re-quarantine Toolkit.

In this case, we strongly suggest that you contact McAfee support, and ask for help submitting Toolkit6.exe as a False Positive. This can take some time, but from our experience, is the only way to get the program to stop quarantining Toolkit6.exe

In the short term, we have also seen the following set of steps useful for getting Toolkit working again:

  1. Close or cancel out of any error messages you might have on screen.
  2. Go to the Start menu, click the Search box, and type in ‘ Toolkit 6 Non-Admin ‘, without the quotes.
  3. From the results, right-click on the listing for Toolkit 6 Non-Admin, and then left-click ‘ Open File Location ‘
  4. This will open a new Window. Depending on your computer, you will see a highlighted icon for either Toolkit 6 Non-Admin, or Toolkit6Server.exe
  5. In either case, right-click the program icon, then left-click PROPERTIES.
  6. On the properties window, click the COMPATIBILITY tab. If you do not see a compatibility tab, make sure that you have selected the program, and not a file or folder with the same name.
  8. Click APPLY, then OK.
  9. Once this is done, you can make a shortcut to use on a regular basis, by right-clicking the icon, and choosing one of the options such as Pin to Start, Pin to Task Bar, or Send To > Desktop
  10. Close any open windows, and you should be able to use this new shortcut to open your Toolkit program.