View/Edit Transactions

By default, the View/Edit Transactions page shows just a few options:

  • Transaction Date - Using the From and To boxes, you choose what range of dates you would like to see transactions for,
  • Transaction Type - Use this drop-down menu to select Security, Cash or Member, depending on what type of transaction you're looking for.

Clicking the Show Advanced link, reveals options to help refine your search:

  • Date Transaction Entered - Whether you like to enter multiple transactions on one day, or over the course of several days, this selection can help you check when an entry was made. This can be especially helpful if you notice a sudden error in the books, that somehow seems to go back for months at a time. Set the Transaction Date to the start of the club, but keep the Date Transaction Entered narrowed down to the last month or two; it's a good way to find if a transaction was accidentally put in for the wrong date.
  • With amount - Similar to the Date Transaction Entered field, the With Amount field can be helpful in tracking down why the books might suddenly be out of balance. If the broker account is too high by the amount of a dividend, Set the Transaction Date to the start of the club and enter the amount of the dividend here; the results will be only transactions in the amount you've specified.
  • Containing Text - This can be used a few different ways. If you make notes in the comments field when entering a transaction, you can search for those notes here. You can also search by a member's name, in case you're looking for all of their deposits, or by the name of a stock when looking at security transactions.
  • In Account - If your club keeps track of transactions in a Bank and a Broker account, this drop-down can be used to make sure you only search for transactions from one of those accounts.