Change Authentication Settings

This page allows you to set up 2-step (2-factor) authentication for when you sign in to your club.

Click the Enable 2-step authentication box, and the site will show options to have a code sent by email, or using an authenticator app. Choose either one, and then click Save Settings to enable 2-step authentication the next time you sign in to the site.

Enabling this will add an extra step to your login process. In addition to your regular username and password, a code will be generated and either sent to you by email, or shown in the authenticator app on your phone or tablet.

There are several authenticator apps available, depending on the device you are using. We are providing the links below for the Google authenticator, but if you have another one installed, it may work as well. As long as the app you use has the ability to read the QR bar-code from our web site, it should be able to generate the code needed for the 2-step authentication process.

For Android, from the Google Play Store:  

For iPhone and iPad, from the App Store: 

When you first come to the login page after activating 2-step authentication, the process will look the same; enter your login/username and password, then click the Submit button.

The next page that shows up will look similar to the following screenshot.

If you are using an authenticator app, open the app and choose the myICLUB entry, to have a code generated. If you chose email, you will receive an email similar to the following:

You have requested a secure one-time verification code to log into your account.

Please enter this secure one-time verification code on the login page:

If you are not attempting to log into myICLUB, please contact the ICLUBcentral Customer Contact Center by filling out the web form at


Enter the code on the page, click Submit, and you will be take to your club or list of clubs.