Extra shares of Tootsie Roll (TR) received in May 2019

As of 05/03/2019

Information on this transaction was difficult to find. The Tootsie Roll website does not have information on this transaction. There were no press releases found related to this transaction. After some research, we found that TR implemented an annual 3% stock dividend.

This type of stock split is usually a tax-free transaction. Due to the dearth of information on this particular distribution we cannot say for certain that this distribution is tax-free. The instructions below assume it is tax free. In addition, the date of the transaction is uncertain but preliminary indications are between 4/26/2019 and 5/3/2019. We suggest you use the date posted on your broker statement.

NOTE: Be prepared to see a 3% stock dividend/distribution for TR on your broker statement next year at this time if you still own TR. Unless this policy is rescinded by the TR board this is meant to be an annual event!

Resolution: Until/Unless we find information to the contrary, we suggest to handle this as a stock split transaction.

  • Date: Use the date on your broker statement
  • Company: Tootsie Roll (TR)
  • Split ratio: 1.03 for 1
  • Cash received: Use cash-in-lieu amount on broker statement