Why don't my current members have k-1 forms?

For Club Accounting 3:

There are two common reasons for no K-1s or K-1s only for withdrawn members:
1. There is no valuation on 12/31.
2. There is no Allocation of Income and Expenses (Distribution of Earnings) for the tax year.

1) If there is no valuation saved on 12/31, generate a valuation on that date:
Go to Valuations. Click NEW VALUATION
Enter the date as 12/31 of last year.
Download the prices (or enter by hand if you wish) and then click OK to save the valuation.

2) Run the Allocation:
Choose last year from the drop-down menu.
Fill in dividend and Unrecaptured section 1250 gains (if appropriate) for any non-standard stock listed, then click OK to complete the allocation.

After the Allocation is generated and verified, return to the Taxes menu, select the appropriate year, and regenerate the tax forms.
Once this is done, all members who were active during the year will have K-1s available.

NOTE: If you are encountering an error message when trying to view the tax forms, such as "file not found", please also check our note:
Why don't my tax forms show up after finishing the steps in the tax printer?