My Assigned Stocks

The My StockWatcher Assignment page shows the stocks that have been assigned to you, on the StockWatcher Assignments page. This page allows you to choose any Stock Studies available in your SSGPlus library in the BetterInvesting online tools.

In the example here, the member has been assigned as the StockWatcher for Apple (AAPL), AbbVie (ABBV), and Air Lease (AL). Stock Studeies have been prepared for all three securities, and Stock Watcher reports have been generated.

The Study Last Updated shows when the stock study was last updated; this information is taken from the BetterInvesting Online tools, and can refer to any updates or changes to the stock study made by the member. The StockWatcher Generated column shows the last time the member clicked the Generate StockWatcher link here, or from the Generate Report page.

From here, the member can change which study they want to use for the stocks assigned, by using the drop-down menu next to each security, in the BI Study column. If the member creates a new stock study, those studies will each be listed in the drop-down menu in the BI Study column.

The member can also go directly to their stock study on the web site, by clicking the Go to SSGPlus link, or generate a new Stock Watcher report based on the selected stock study.

Last, the member can save any changes to their selection of which stock study to use, by clicking the Submit button, at the bottom of their list of assigned securities.

If you have completed the BI Link, been assigned a stock, and it doesn't show up in the drop-down list:

  • Make sure that the club is using the correct ticker symbol! If the company ticker has changed, but not been updated in Accounting > Securities > Security Settings, or if there's simply a typo in the ticker symbol being used, the stock won't be listed on the My Assigned Stocks page.
  • Make sure the stock study has been completed, in the online tools. On the Valuation and Return tab in online tools, make sure you have filled in a Forecasted High and Low price, and that the stock study has been saved.