Error when using a button that should take me to the internet.

When you do anything in our programs that would open a web page (even if it's in the background, to register, or to check for updates), Our software is actually passing the request Windows, asking it to open the default web browser on your computer.


Most times this works fine, but sometime Windows doesn't recognize a default browser has set up. In that case, Windows reports back that it doesn't have a default. In that case, you get an error message.


Some of the more common messages you might run into with our programs are "Error launching internet browser" "serious error", or "error 91". Note that if the web browser opens, but the page does not display, then your computer already has a default web browser, but that some other program or setting on the computer is getting in the way. In that case, we would suggest to exit the browser, temporarily turn off any security programs, and then try the link or button again.


Setting a default browser usually happens automatically; most browsers are designed to check if they are the default when they are first opened, and then offer to make themselves the default if they are not. If this was not done however, the setting can be made manually.

Depending on your copy of Windows, there are several articles which can help you set your default web browser:

For Windows 7:
For Windows 8:
For Windows 10:
Change your default browser in Windows 10

We have seen some cases in Windows where setting a browser other than Internet Explorer as the default does not seem to work correctly. If you have a browser other than Internet Explorer set as your default and are running into an error, please try setting Explorer as the default in this case.

After setting the default browser, then the next time you ask a program to do something involving a web page, your browser will open and take you to the appropriate page on the internet.


UPDATE: As of October 2014, we have encountered one individual case where setting the default brower did not work. In that case, the member (Using Toolkit 6) was able to enter a ticker symbol in the Ticker box in the Toolbar that runs across the top of the Toolkit window, and then click Download, or tap the Enter key on their keyboard to get a stock to show up.