What is the Reports Page?

The Reports page provides access to all of the Club Accounting Online reports. All online club members or visitors can access reports by clicking the desired report name.

The following reports are available in Club Accounting Online:

StockWatcher & Watch List Reports

My Assigned Stocks Lists which of your SSGPlus studies are linked to which stocks. Also allows you to establish or edit links to your existing SSGplus stock studies. StockWatcher Assignments Lists which members are assigned to which stocks. Also allows editing assignments.
Generate StockWatcher Report Generate a StockWatcher report. Securities that have been linked to studies will use that data for the Valuation and Conclusion sections. Unlinked securities will use default judgments from myICLUB. Club Watch List Keep track of members' ideas for future investments in the club's portfolio.

Monthly & Frequently-Accessed Reports

Unified Monthly Report A multi-page report showing the current Valuation, Member Status, and a Complete Journal of all transactions since the last club meeting.

Valuation Statement Displays consolidated club portfolio and cash balance. Member Status Displays value of club, cost basis, and returns by member.


Company Size Diversification The diversification of the club portfolio by size of company. Company Size Diversification Graph Displays a pie chart of portfolio diversification by company size.
Sector & Industry Diversification Report The diversification of the club portfolio by sector and industry. Sector & Industry Diversification Graph Displays a pie chart of portfolio diversification by sector & industry.
Benchmark & Performance Report Benchmarks the club's compound annual return versus the S&P 500 and other indexes. Portfolio Performance Graph Displays a graph of change in member Cost Basis and Value over time; can be viewed by individual member, if desired.
Portfolio Summary Displays key indicators relating to the price and valuation of holdings. Portfolio Review Displays PERT-style early warning signals to reveal sub-par performance.
Portfolio Offense Highlights stocks with low returns and/or excessive risk. Portfolio Defense Highlights stocks that fail to meet growth expectations.
Portfolio Trend Summarizes operational trends of companies relative to EPS, sales, and pre-tax profits. Portfolio Yield Shows dividends, yield, and other metrics for securities making distributions, and total yield of the portfolio.
Portfolio Gain / Loss Summarizes gains and losses for current securities. EPS Growth Rate Diversification Diversification of the club portfolio by EPS growth rate.
Portfolio Heatmap Club holdings using size and color to represent market value and gain/loss  


Security Ledger Gives transaction history of single or multiple securities. Security Performance Graph Shows change in security Cost Basis and Value over time.
Sold Securities Lists details on divested securities. Useful for evaluating the choice to sell all shares of a security. Security Distributions Lists distributions and dividends paid by securities and whether they are qualifying or not.
Security Cost Basis Show the cost (tax) basis of each security owned, in total and per tax lot. Realized Gains/Losses Displays realized gains & losses (including type) for securities that have been sold.


Member Status Displays value of club, cost basis, and returns by member. Member Deposits Displays member contributions for the specified period.
Member Unit Ledger Lists member transaction history by member. Member Ownership Graph Displays pie chart of percentage of ownership for each member.
Member Withdrawals Summary Show all withdrawals for members or the entire club, for any specified period. Member Withdrawal Distribution Displays details of a full or partial withdrawal for a single member. Includes required tax information.
Member Tax Summary List details of member tax breakdown. Member Payments and Fees Displays member payments and fees for the specified period.
Member Information Listing List club members' profiles and contact information. Member Address Labels Displays member address labels, or export address and email to a CSV file.


Complete Journal Ledger Displays all transactions for a specified period. Cash Journal Listing Displays a running balance for every transaction on the club books that adds or subtracts money from the club.
Transaction Summary Displays all transactions by date and type. Income Statement & Balance Sheet Displays club's annual income, expenses, assets and liabilities.
Club Assets Graph Displays growth of club assets over time. Club Unit Value Graphs the change in the club's unit value, over time.
Club Expenses Displays investment and non-investment expenses entered by the club Allocation of Income & Expenses Reports on the required annual distribution of club earnings, expenses, losses and gains to members.
Petty Cash Journal Listing Tracks the flow of petty cash by period. (does not apply to all clubs) Petty Cash Contribution Tracks contributions to petty cash by member. (does not apply to all clubs)