Watch List Company Detail

The Detail page shows the same information in the first line, as you will see in the main Watch List page.

Below that, the Details page shows the Date Added, who the stock was selected by / assigned to, and the name of a linked study if it exists.

Make any changes and click OK to save them, or Cancel to back out of them.

This is also the page to delete individual stocks from the Watch List; Click the Delete button on the page then YES to confirm the removal, or NO to cancel the process. Deleting a stock from the Watch List does not remove a linked SSG, so you will not lose any stock study you might have linked, just from taking a security off of the Watch List.

While it may not be obvious, we do like to point out that while the Date Added field will default to the most recent date that we have closing prices for, it can be back-dated. If the club wants to experiment, it's certainly possible to add a security with a date that is months earlier; you could easily do this to get an idea of how the stock has performed from an ealier date.

You will also notice that the price chart below the stock information, goes back to whatever date the stock was added, once you have clicked OK to save the changes. The graph here is dynamic, so if you add a stock dated to last week or last year, the graph will update to show the price changes from whatever the starting date is, to the current time.