What is the Voting Page?

The main voting page, or Voting Tab, shows any current motions before the club. If you have already voted, you will see your own vote; if not, you will see what voting options are available to you.

In addition to seeing current motions on the main voting page, the left-hand navigation area also has options for:

  • Adding a new motion / vote
  • Showing all Current motions / votes (the default view when you first click on the Voting tab)
  • Showing Archived motions / Completed Votes.


Note: While all members can vote on a motion, only those with the Create and manage ballots permission selected on their profile can create, or edit a motion/vote. This is not one of the permissions given to members by default; someone with the Edit member profiles and permissions ability, would need to add this an individual profile. For more on how to do this, please see the FAQ section on the People tab.


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