What is the Discussions page?

Clicking the Discussions tab will take you to the main Discussions page. From here, members can read, post, and keep track of club discussions.

The Discussions main page for new clubs contains two message boards: Mailing List and Private Messages List. You can create additional message boards by clicking the New message board link in the left column. The initial settings of these lists permits every member of the club (members and visitors) to read messages on the Mailing List but only club members can read messages on the Private Messages List.

Messages posted on any of the listed message boards are displayed on the page. You can view all of the messages on a message board by clicking on its name. You can view a particular message by clicking on its subject.

Click Post from the main Discussions page to write a new message. If the message board has been configured for email access, you can post a message by sending it to the message boards email address.


For steps on how to delete messages, please see FAQ 229, Individual message board.


For steps on how to configure a message board for email access, please see FAQ 597, Setting up a message board so that it can send and receive emails.