Why don't my tax forms show up after finishing the steps in the tax printer?



Club Accounting may not have Admin rights.

NOTE: This only applies to Windows Vista, or newer copies of Windows


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Adobe Reader may be operating in Protected Mode, or have extra security features activated.

Some copies of Adobe Reader may have a 'Protected Mode' enabled, which will bring up an alert if an outside program tries to open a .pdf file. Since this is exactly what our tax printer does, you may see an alert after clicking the Finish button, that states Adobe Reader cannot open in Protected Mode due to a problem with your system configuration. Would you like to open Adobe Reader with Protected Mode disabled"

While it's possible to turn off the Protected Mode permanently, we suggest instead to click the option to "Open with protected mode disabled", and then click OK. This will allow the forms to open as normal, without compromising the default behavior of the Adobe Reader.


Starting with the 2013 tax printer, we have also seen cases where the security settings in Adobe reader will cause the form to simply not open, without even displaying an error message. The behavior we have seen is that after entering cost basis information and clicking OK to complete the taxes, the printer simply shows the page listing member names, along with the Finish and Quit buttons, neither of which can be used. If this happens, we suggest to re-start the computer, and then follow the steps on our FAQ at:

This FAQ describes an error message from Adobe Reader, and how to resolve it; even if you have not seen the error message, the steps can be used in the case described above, where forms do not appear, and both the Finish and Quit buttons on the tax printer do not respond.

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The computer may not be set to open .pdf files with Adobe Reader.


This can manifest in two common ways:

  • If no program is set to open Adobe Acrobat files, Windows will bring up a dialog box, stating that the system does not know what program to use to open the file. This will give an option to choose a program from a list on the web, or from another source.
  • Alternately, Windows may try to guess what program it should use to open the file. This will often result in the computer trying to open the tax forms using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, or other common programs.

Regardless of the case, the first thing we suggest is to install the most current version of the Adobe Reader program. To do this, go to https://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html then download and install the Adobe Reader program. Once you have the reader program installed, take the steps listed below to make sure the computer knows it should use Adobe Reader for the tax forms.

1. Next, you will need to find a copy of the tax forms, or other PDF file.

  • If you are using a tax printer from 2013 or earlier, the forms will be in either:
    • C:\Program Files\ICLUBcentral\Club Accounting 3
    • -OR-
    • C:\Program Files(x86)\ICLUBcentral\Club Accounting 3
  • If you are using a tax printer from 2014 or later, the forms will be in Documents > ICLUBcentral > 20xx Tax Printer. If you aren't sure where the documents folder is, click the Start button on the computer screen, and type the word Documents. Click the Documents folder in the list of results.
  • In either case, the taxes will be named final -OR- final.pdf

(If you do not see a file named final, the tax printer may not have generated the taxes; if that is the case, please see the steps below on reinstalling the tax printer.)
2. Once you have found one of the tax files, right-click on it, and select Properties.
3. From the window that comes up, click the Change button next to the Open With line.
4. This will open a new window, with a list of programs. You should be able to double-click on the listing for Adobe Reader. If not, try clicking Browse, then going to Adobe -> Reader -> ReaderX (whatever most current number shows up) -> Reader -> AcroRd32. When you double-click on this last file, you will return to the list of common programs, and Adobe should now be listed.
5. Double-click on Adobe to set the association, and open the forms. You can now either print the forms as they are, or close everything and run the taxes again.
(If you are not able to find the Adobe Acrobat folder, or to navigate to the AcroRd32 file, the Reader program may not be properly installed. In that case, please see the steps below on cleaning out any old copies of Adobe Reader, and installing a fresh copy from the Adobe site.)

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Adobe Reader may already be open.

1) Exit out of the Tax Printer.
2) Exit out of Club Accounting.
3) Check the list of open programs on the Start bar at the bottom of the computer screen; if Abode is there, confirm that it is showing the tax forms you want. (If Adobe is not showing up, it may not be set to open the .pdf files the tax printer generates. In that case, please see the steps below on setting your computer to open .pdf files.)
4) If these are not the correct forms, close Adobe Acrobat, then reopen Club Accounting and the Tax Printer to generate your taxes.

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The Tax Printer can't find Adobe, or there may be an issue with your current copy of Adobe Reader.

One of the more common side effects of this is that the Adobe program will appear to open, but the screen will either be mostly blank, or contain what looks like very garbled text.

Uninstall Adobe Reader:

Once Acrobat is uninstalled, go to https://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html and reinstall Adobe Acrobat.

  • Try the taxes again.

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The Tax Printer and the Club Accounting Software can't see one another.

1) Open Club Accounting 3, select File > Export and save your data to My Documents
2) Uninstall the Tax Printer
3) Uninstall Club Accounting
4) Reboot your computer
5) Install Club Accounting from https://www.iclub.com/support/downloads.asp
6) Install the Tax Printer from https://www.iclub.com/support/downloads.asp
7) Import your data, run your taxes.


For more on installing these programs, please

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