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Stock Analyst 3

Our most powerful and advanced software program for stock analysis.

WARNING: This software is not for beginners.

Stock Analyst is the broadest, deepest, most powerful investing software ever. It uses time-tested forms -- and then some -- to help you pick stocks, gain a deeper understanding of a company's operations, and manage an unlimited number of portfolios.

And now, with direct data downloading available with a subscription to, you can examine new companies and update your existing studies in seconds! StockCentral's stock datafiles are derived from Morningstar and include ten years of a company's history.

As our top-of-the-line software built for the experienced investor, Stock Analyst is packed with customizable features for stock-picking and portfolio management, plus an interface designed for ease of use and customization. It employs BetterInvesting worksheets, including the Stock Selection Guide (SSG), Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), and Portfolio Management Guide (PMG), to enable investors to pick great stocks and manage their portfolios. It also includes many advanced analysis features and boasts unmatched graphical capabilities.

The powerful features in Stock Analyst 3 include:

  • Option to use weighted averages in calculations gives greater significance to recent history
  • Expanded judgment choices make it easy to use advanced techniques in calculating future projected high and low prices
  • Plain-English balance sheet and cash flow analyzer helps you make sense of key ratios
  • Customizable stock comparison graphs reveal strengths and weaknesses of companies in an industry
  • Customizable logarithmic trend graph with 26 available metrics offers additional analysis points
  • Improved portfolio management tools aid in keep tabs on your holdings
  • Diversification report and graphs shows breakdown of holdings by market cap, industry, sector, currency, or company size
  • "Cost of switching" applet projects upside and downside of replacing a stock
  • Updated Challenge Tree to aid in replacing underperforming companies
  • Retirement planner tool offers guidance on the expected potential return of your holdings
  • ...and much, much more!

Stock Analyst's interface has been redesigned from top to bottom for ease of use:

  • Graphical toolbar provides easy access to various company reports
  • Direct connection to BetterInvesting S&P data feed or's Morningstar data feed for simple access to thousands of companies
  • Option to see front and back of Stock Selection Guide at once

Stock Analyst
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Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium Class Processor
128 MB RAM
40 MB Hard Drive Space
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 32-bit Vista (See Vista Compatibility Report)
800x600 Resolution
CD-ROM Drive

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