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For a Limited Time, Get Toolkit 6 for $99

Toolkit 6 makes it simple to analyze promising stocks and manage your portfolio. Developed for novice and experienced investors, Toolkit 6 includes stock analysis worksheets and its own unique portfolio management tools to easily monitor fundamental changes in your existing holdings with alerts and color-coded highlights.

Features of Toolkit 6 include:

  • Complete suite of stock and portfolio analysis tools based on the Stock Selection Guide.
  • Determine any stockís likely future performance, current valuation and optimal buy price.
  • Access, import and update 10 years of data (subscription to BetterInvesting or StockCentral required).
  • Get unique portfolio management and warning alerts.

Toolkit 6 is the world's most popular software for fundamental stock analysis, guiding investors since 1991. This may be your last chance to purchase the program at this special low price.

Buy Toolkit 6 for Windows Today!

Save $90 and pay just $99 (regularly $189). (Offer expires September 30, 2019.)

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