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For unprecedented 13 straight years, the Investor Advisory Service stock newsletter has been named to the annual Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll, the leading scorecard of stock newsletter ratings. No other newsletter has been on the Honor Roll for as many years as the IAS, and the IAS performance has topped the charts for the last two years in a row.

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Order 2022 Investment Club Tax Printers


Investment club tax returns were due to the IRS on March 15, 2023, along with many (but not all) state returns. If you requested an extension, you can still e-File your club's Federal tax return. If you have already purchased for, select the Taxes tab in your website, otherwise order now..

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Discover Dividend Stocks for Your Portfolio

The new StockCentral Dividend Center features a selection of robust historical data and interactive tools designed to help fundamental investors identify dividend-paying stocks for their portfolios. A free trial is available!

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