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Board of Directors


Roger H. Ganser
Chairman and Director
NAIC-Betterlnvesting. Inc.
Roger is founder and semi-retired Managing Partner of Venture Investors LLC, the General Partner of five early stage venture capital funds focused on technology spinning out of Big Ten university research. Venture Investors LLC is headquartered in the University Research Park, Madison, WI with a second office in Ann Arbor, MI. Roger is chairman of the board of directors of the UW-Whitewater Foundation and the World Federation of Investors Corporation, and a member of the NYSE Individual Investor Advisory Committee.

Roger has a Master of Public Administration, Urban Development from the Rockefeller School, State University of New York, Albany and a Bachelor of Education, Broad Field of Social Science from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Kamie Zaracki
Kamie is the CEO of BetterInvesting. She joined BetterInvesting from The Conference Board, a global nonprofit organization where she had served as director of associates service since 2006. She previously held several leadership positions at AT&T.


Doug Gerlach
President, Secretary

Doug GerlachDouglas Gerlach has helped hundreds of thousands of people get started on the road to financial freedom. A true Internet pioneer, Gerlach founded one of the earliest financial Websites,, in 1995. Through the years, Gerlach has maintained his commitment to making personal finance accessible to everyday folk, through Web sites, books, magazine articles, media appearances, and speaking engagements.

In addition to sitting on ICLUBcentral's board of directors, Doug is currently ICLUBcentral's product manager. ICLUBcentral is the market leader in investment club accounting software and web sites, and the company also makes several programs for fundamental stock analysis and screening for BetterInvesting (formerly NAIC), including Investor's Toolkit,,, and Take Stock. Doug is the founder of ICLUB's investment tools web site, StockCentral.

In addition, Doug is the author of several books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing, The Armchair Millionaire, Investment Clubs for Dummies, and The BetterInvesting Guide to Computerized Investing and the Internet. His latest book, published in 2010, is The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Direct Stock Investing. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Investor Advisory Service, ICLUBcentral's award-winning, market-beating investing newsletter, as well as serving as editor of the SmallCap Informer.

A co-founder of NAIC's original website in 1995, Douglas served for many years on the Computer Group Advisory Board and has spoken at events at more than 75 BetterInvesting Chapters across the U.S. He is the recipient of the Investment Education Institute's Distinguished Service Award, and appears frequently on television and radio programs across the US.


Roy Chastain

Roy Chastain retired in 2007 as Labor Relations Counsel for the State of California following 24 years of public service. In 2011, Roy joined the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Chapter of BetterInvesting where he teaches stock investing techniques as well as strategies for successful investment club management that he's learned as a member of three investment clubs. Roy joined ICLUBcentral's Board of Directors in 2013.

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