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With the arrival of the personal computer in the 1980s, anyone with a good idea and determination could craft tools to make an increasingly complex world easier to understand. And in California, Canada and Florida — a thousand miles or more away from Wall Street — an investment club, an electrical engineer and a pilot all had the same idea: to teach themselves how to harness this new technology to create tools that made investing easier. They all had a common foundation — the time-tested principles of BetterInvesting — and their tools reflected BetterInvesting’s commonsense approach to building wealth. Over the years word of these tools spread and found their way into the hands of others who wanted to secure their future by demystifying investing.

Then in 2000, an entrepreneur with his own vision for how technology can empower individual investors rented a small office in a New England college town and began bringing these software programs together. In the shadow of giant software companies and brokerages, Robert Brooker and his small team at ICLUBcentral kept improving the programs day by day and making them easier to use. And today they serve as the standard tools for analyzing stocks, finding stocks and operating an investment club for people who know that the best way to achieve long-term financial goals is by educating themselves and forging their own path.

ICLUBcentral today offers powerful investment club accounting and operations tools and platforms, stock analysis programs, market-leading company financial data for investment analysis, the award-winning Investor Advisory Service newsletter and educational resources. Remaining true to BetterInvesting’s fundamental investing principles, ICLUBcentral has served millions of individual investors striving for financial freedom.

ICLUBcentral: Commonsense tools for investment clubs and independent investors.

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