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Actifunds Reaches 40,000 Investment Clubs

March 16, 2001 -

Over 40,000 investment clubs sign on to use Actifunds online and desktop products to manage investment club activity

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Mar. 16, 2001 — Actifunds, the leading provider of investment club services and products, today announced that over 40,000 investment clubs, the largest aggregation of investment clubs in the U.S., have adopted Actifunds' online and desktop products to manage their club activities. This significant milestone underscores the importance of investment club management solutions to investment clubs everywhere.

Actifunds offers online and desktop applications to answer the administrative and communication needs of investment clubs, requiring minimal effort from club members with no compromise of club security. Currently, there are more than 1.25 million U.S. investors involved in investment clubs, a number that has quadrupled over the past seven years, partially due to heavy consumer adoption of email and easy availability of investment information online.

"We are excited to have reached this significant milestone in customer acquisition," said Robert Brooker, CEO of Actifunds. "With 40,000 clubs using our solutions-and counting-we are the largest provider of administrative tools and technologies to investment clubs anywhere in the world. This speaks to importance of Actifunds' products in the investment club market."

Actifunds' online platforms were recently released and is now available for free at three locations online: via online brokerage The Financial Café (, at destination site, and through the National Association of Investors Corporation at Availability at further financial institutions will be announced shortly.

The intuitive user interface makes creating and managing investment clubs simple. The Actifunds platforms enable successful group investing on the Internet by making it simple for personal investors to form investment clubs online and to facilitate group communication and collaboration between members of an investment club, regardless of geographical location. The online platforms also encourage a stronger social and financial community for investors by offering each investment club access to features, including: discussion boards, portfolio tracking, tax accounting, member voting, file storage, personal profiles and access to partner brokers.

About Actifunds
Actifunds is a leading provider of group financial products to financial institutions and online communities. Actifunds' online platform for investment club services, available at, enables personal investors to leverage the Internet to communicate and collaborate with others on investing decisions, making group investing easier and more social. 40,000 clubs currently use Actifunds products to manage their investment dollars, including members of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), a 637,000 member non-profit organization that provides investment education for investment clubs and individual investors. Actifunds provides the NAIC's official online investment club platform at, which includes communication tools and tax accounting. Founded in February 2000, Actifunds is based in Cambridge, MA.

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