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ICLUBcentral Acquires STB Investor Software

April 1, 2002 -

Acquisition enables ICLUBcentral to offer more resources to investors

(Cambridge, MA) - April 1, 2002 - ICLUBcentral Inc., the market leader in investment club software products, today announced its acquisition of investment software firm STB Investor Software, creator of the popular stock analysis programs NAIC Classic and Stock Analyst PLUS and of the Prospector line of stock screening tools. STB is the official provider of educational software for stock analysis to the National Association of Investors Corp. (NAIC), a nationwide non-profit organization that provides investment education to investment clubs and individual investors.

"STB has helped tens of thousands of individuals invest successfully over the past nine years. We are thrilled to add STB's stock analysis programs to our investing software product line," said Robert Brooker, CEO of ICLUBcentral. "The STB products will help our customers make better investing decisions."

"ICLUBcentral's accounting software is a must-have for every investment club. STB provides individuals with an easy-to-use programs for screening and analyzing companies for potential stock purchases. By combining STB with ICLUBcentral, we think we'll make life easier for both individual and club investors by giving them a full range of tools for making decisions, communicating, and tracking their holdings," said Corry DalMaso, STB's president

Over 40 million Americans invest in the stock market. STB's Classic and Stock Analyst PLUS software programs harness NAIC's time-tested system of fundamental analysis to help individuals and clubs steer their investment dollars. STB provides a full range of stock screening and analysis software products for novices and experienced investors alike.

Currently, more than 1.25 million U.S. investors are involved in investment clubs, a number that has quadrupled over the past decade, partially due to the easy availability of investment information online. ICLUBcentral enables successful online club investing by making it simple for individual investors to form investment clubs online with minimal effort. ICLUBcentral's easy-to-use Web-based software facilitates collaboration among club members, offering online tax accounting, file storage, portfolio tracking, discussion boards, voting, and access to partner brokers, and more.

About ICLUBcentral Inc.

ICLUBcentral provides financial management software to individual investors, investment clubs, financial institutions, and other communities. Over 50,000 investment clubs use ICLUBcentral's products to manage their investment dollars including members of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), a 400,000-member non-profit organization that educates investment clubs and individuals on investing. ICLUBcentral operates NAIC's official online investment club software tools at Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and San Jose, California, ICLUBcentral has been producing investment club software since 1989.

About STB Investor Software

Founded in 1993 by Barbara and Corry DalMaso, STB Investor Software Inc. is a Vancouver-based developer of stock analysis software, using established principles of fundamental stock analysis. Among STB's clients are a variety of investment professionals, including brokers, investment managers, and mutual fund administrators, as well as tens of thousands of individual investors.

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