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ICLUBcentral Merges With InvestWare Corp.

November 1, 2003 - Cambridge, MA – ICLUBcentral Inc. today announced its merger with Florida-based InvestWare Corp. Both companies have long provided investing software to the membership of the National Association of Investors Corp. (NAIC), a national non-profit dedicated to investor education, and expect the combined entity to more effectively serve those customers.. Evidence of this collaboration was unveiled this weekend in the form of two new Official NAIC Software products:

  • NAIC Take Stock
    An all-in-one stock analysis software and data package developed especially for the investor new to NAIC’s time-tested investing methodologies, NAIC Take Stock introduces the concepts behind these methods one at a time. The approach helps beginners learn and offers more advanced investors a quick, convenient read on a stock.

  • NAIC Stock Analyst
    At the opposite end of the spectrum, NAIC Stock Analyst was designed for the advanced NAIC investor and includes an unparalleled array of powerful features The program is packed with unmatched features for stock-picking and portfolio management, plus a new interface designed for ease of use and customization.
InvestWare produces NAIC Investors Toolkit, the popular software used by hundreds of thousands of NAIC investors over the last decade to study stocks and manage portfolios. ICLUBcentral's software includes NAIC Classic Plus, a tutorial-based take on NAIC's investing worksheets; NAIC Stock Prospector, a screening tool for NAIC's Online Premium Services company data; and several products built for investment clubs. The combined product lineup serves the majority of NAIC's membership.

InvestWare CEO David Traub is excited about the merger. "With all these products under one roof, you can expect to see a lot of great things happening. Now we can rationalize the product lineup to reduce confusion and add features where they make the most sense." Traub and other members of the InvestWare team remain actively involved in product development, teaching, and customer support.

The deal brings together two complementary organizations. ICLUBcentral CEO Robert Brooker explains, "Each of our companies had its strengths and its weaknesses. We expect the merger to enable us to embrace the best aspects of each organization." In particular, InvestWare's expertise in software development and support will augment ICLUBcentral's focus on serving membership organizations.

About ICLUBcentral Inc.
ICLUBcentral Inc. develops and supports software products to address the specialized needs of the membership of affinity groups, including trade associations, membership societies, and civic, fraternal, and philanthropic organizations. Begun in 1989, this effort has been so successful that ICLUBcentral now provides accounting and tax software to a majority of investment partnerships in the United States—nearly 60,000 in all—via software programs distributed by the National Association of Investors Corp. (, a national non-profit association dedicated to investor education.

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