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ICLUBcentral Acquires Official Software

April 26, 2004 - Cambridge, MA, April 26, 2004 – ICLUBcentral, the market leader in software for members of trade and membership associations, announced today the acquisition of Official Software, a software company specializing in products for filing copyrights with the United States Copyright Office.

As part of the acquisition, ICLUB will now oversee all development, marketing and sales efforts for Official’s award-winning Official Copyright Software, the world’s first step-by-step copyright filing software. ICLUBcentral also gains access to Official’s association partnerships, including the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), which represents over 120,000 owners of copyrightable works and music, and print rights clearance giant Copyright Clearance Center.

“Not only are the legal protections available via copyright registration very desirable to companies represented in Official’s traditional markets, such as publishers and songwriters, we believe they should also be available to software developers, architects, photographers, artists, and other creative groups with valuable intellectual property. We plan to partner with trade and membership organizations in these areas to help them drive new membership and non-dues revenue,” said ICLUBcentral CEO Robert Brooker.

“Since its inception, Official has been at the forefront of advances in the automation of copyright filing and works management,” said Official CEO Paula Kouletsis. “We believe that every copyright that should be filed, will be filed. ICLUBcentral’s vision for expanding the application of our technology to new association markets fulfills our goals as well. We expect many enterprise publishers will benefit from the availability of these tools for bulk copyright filing and management.”

About Official Software
Official Software, LLC, a Boston-based software firm, set the industry standard in intellectual property automation through innovative online filing and automated management systems and integrated processes. With automated form completion, third party monitoring and “seek and file” capabilities, Official has changed the way copyrights and trademarks are filed, managed and tracked.

About ICLUBcentral
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ICLUBcentral Inc. has since 1989 developed software products to address the specialized needs of the membership of trade and membership associations. ICLUBcentral has partnered with several national associations in the US and UK. ICLUBcentral’s software products focus on accounting, tax preparation, data processing, and forms creation.

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