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Investor Advisory Service Named to 2020-21 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll

December 10, 2020 - For the eleventh consecutive year, the award-winning Investor Advisory Service, a monthly stock investment newsletter published by ICLUBcentral Inc., has been named to the Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll for 2020-2021. To be included on the Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll, newsletters must show above-average performance, on a risk-adjusted basis, in both up and down markets over the past two decades. This is a remarkable achievement for any stock newsletter, and just three publications were named to the 2020-2021 Honor Roll (down from six in 2019-2020). And of those three 2020-2021 winners, only one other newsletter has made the list as many times as the Investor Advisory Service, demonstrating just how impressive this accomplishment is. Of the fund and equity newsletters named to the Hulbert 2020-2021 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll, the IAS posted the second-best performance in “Annualized Gain of Domestic Equity Portfolios” since March 31, 2000, ranking second in both “Grade in Up Markets” and “Grade in Down Markets” during the same period. According to, an investor following the Investor Advisory Service's picks could have earned an annual 10.48% total return during the period from March 31, 2000, through October 31, 2020. This considerably outperforms the Wilshire 5000 Total Stock Market Index return of 6.06% during the same timeframe. “We are proud to be named to the Hulbert 2020-21 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll,” said Editor-in-Chief Douglas Gerlach. “This award demonstrates what our subscribers already know – that the Investor Advisory Service is the best stock newsletter for long-term-oriented stock research. Investors who seek high-quality stock selections from a trusted source could profit from our analysts’ picks.” Each issue of the award-winning Investor Advisory Service newsletter includes market commentary and three in-depth stock analyses, following an unbiased, long-term, growth stock investing approach. Each stock pick is accompanied by a thorough assessment of the company's fundamentals, an evaluation of the projected risk and return for the stock over the next five years, and suggested buy and sell prices. “Our focus on longer-term holding periods allows us to rise above the ‘noise’ generated by technical traders and profiteers in the short-term gyrations of the stock market,” said Gerlach. “Our buy-side analysis is free from the conflicts of interest embedded in many traditional Wall Street institutions, and brings real value to subscribers, as this accolade from the clearly demonstrates.” Gerlach continued: “A disciplined approach to stock selection, analysis, and portfolio management can generate results that are superior to the gains earned by passive investment strategies. By focusing on the quality of growth and management, we have consistently uncovered companies that outperform their peers and the overall market — and our subscribers have profited.” For more information or to subscribe, visit

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