Valuation Statement

The Valuation Statement report shows the consolidated club portfolio and cash balance for a specific valuation date. You can also use this report to create and save a new valuation.

You can access a valuation report from the club home page by clicking the “Latest Valuation” link on the left. The club treasurer should print a copy of the Valuation Statement prior to every meeting, and distribute it to every club member at the meeting or let them know that it is available on the club web site so that they may print a copy on their own

The Valuation is divided into five sections:

  • Options -- Choose from existing valuation dates, include Compound Return figures, or start a new valuation
  • Securities -- See saved information on your club stocks, including share and cost totals
  • Cash Accounts -- Total cah account balances
  • Summary -- Non security and cash account information.
  • Chart -- A graphic representation of the % of total club value of all cash and securities


Valuation Statement Options

  • Create new valuation -- Click this link to go to the Create New Valuation page
  • Edit/Delete an Existing Valuation -- Click this link if you need to change or remove an existing valuation.
  • Choose from your Club’s Official Valuation Dates -- Select this option and choose from the list of your saved official valuations to view the valuation report for that date.
  • Include Compound Annual Return in the valuation statement -- Select this check box if you want to include the Compound Annual Return (CAR) on the report.
  • Start return calculations from -- Select this option and choose from the list of your saved official valuations; this date will only appear as part of the report if you have also selected to include Compound Annual Return in the report, and then clicked the Submit button to view the report with extra information.

Click “Submit” after selection the options to generate the report.



The Security section of the Valuation Statement shows a table of information about the club’s securities:

  • Security – the full name and ticker symbol of the security as entered in the Security Settings.
  • Date first purchased – the day of the first purchase or acquisition of the security.
  • Shares owned – the total number of shares of the security owned on the date selected.
  • Price per share –the price per share of the security on given date.
  • Cost per share –the average cost per share of the shares owned on the date selected.
  • Market value –the total value of the security (number of shares times the price per share) on the date selected.
  • Total cost - the total amount paid for the shares owned. Total Cost includes commissions, fees and administrative costs.
  • % Gain Loss - The difference between the Market Value and Total Cost, expressed as a percentage
  • Percent of total –the percent of the total value of the club represented by the value of the security or cash account. [ ((Total value of all securities plus the total value of all cash accounts)/ Total Club Value) x 100]
  • Compound annual return –the Compound Annual Return for the security. (optional display)


Cash Accounts

The Cash Accounts section of the Valuations Statement shows a table of information about the club’s cash accounts:

  • Cash account – the name of the cash account
  • Total Cost – the total cost of the cash account
  • Market Value – the market value of the cash account
  • Percent of total – the percentage of the club’s total assets represented by the cash account

The report also shows the sum of total cost, market value, and Percent of total for all of the cash accounts.



The summary section of the Valuation Statement includes other non-stock and non-account balance information

  • Total value of portfolio - the total cost of all investments, securities and cash, and the total value of the club’s assets on the valuation date.
  • Total number of units - the sum of all units owned by all members of the club on the valuation date.
  • Current unit value - the value of one unit on the valuation date. This number is equal to the total value of the portfolio divided by the total number of units.
  • Number of Units each $10.00 will Purchase – by default, the report shows the number of units $10 will purchase on the valuation date. The default amount displayed ($10) is the beginning unit value set in the settings page located at Accounting > Utility Section > Club Settings.
  • Comments - This shows any comments that were entered when creating the valuation.


The chart takes the total % of club value for all Cash and Securities, and shows them in a pie-chart format