Murphy Oil (MUR) spinoff of Murphy USA (MUSA)

In early September, Murphy Oil completed a spinoff of a subsideary, Murphy USA

This is a simple spinoff in the club accounting system.

Go to Accounting > Securities > Record spinoff of securities This is a standard spinoff. For general infomarion about entering spinoffs, see FAQ 54:

Here is the information you need in order to enter the spinoff.

Date: Any time between 08/30/13 and 09/03/13. The offical release shows 08/30/13 as the date the separation was complete, but the new stock did not begin trading until 09/03/13. If your broker does not show a specific date in this range, we would suggest to date the transaction 09/03/13

Select Parent Security (or Parent Company) : Murphy Oil (MUR)

Remaining basis fraction : 86.11

Spinoff Security: Murphy USA (MUSA)

Shares MUSA to be received: .25 * (# of MUR shares).

MUSA price per share: 38.04. This is an average of the hi and low on the first trading day, 9/3/2013.