Add Calendar Event

This page is designed specifically for adding a single event to the calendar, including a heading which is viewed on the main calendar page, and a description, which members can read when they click on the specific event in the calendar.

Show below is the default Add Event box.

The Add Event box, with fields for Heading, Date, Time, Description, and Repeating

The Heading, Date and Time boxes allow you to set the Heading that will show up on the main calendar page, as well as the date and time of the event. It isn't required to enter a time, but if you do, this will also be listed on the main calendar page.

The Description box allows you to type a description of the event. This description will show up when you click a calendar date, to view the details about any events on a given date.

By default, the Repeat drop-down mneu is set to Does not repeat. Click the drop down to select options for the event to repeat, as listed below.

 Repeat Every allows for several options. The number of times box is set to one, with week being the default time period. Almost any number of times can be entered though, and the drop down allows for Day, Week, Month or Year. Within these, there is also some variability.

Day and Year have the most basic options. The event will repeat each day/year until whatever end time you choose. The default is Never. If you accidentally save an event with Never selected, when you meant to have an end date, check on editing events, for steps on how to edit the series of events.

 The default choice, Week allows you to select which days of the week the event will repeat on. The defaults here are to have the current day of the week selected, and to have the end date set to Never.

Choose Month and you have the option for the event to repeat by number, or by the specific day of the month. In the examples above, the options would be "Monthly on Day 16", or "Monthly on the third Wednesday". As with the other options, the default ending date is Never.


In the left-hand navigation area, you will see options for View, Edit, Add, Agenda, and Export Calendar. In brief, these sections allow the following actions:

  • View - This allows you to return to the main Calendar View from any other section of the Calendar page.
  • Edit - This allows you to edit any Calendar Event that you have entered.
  • Add - This allows you to add new events to your calendar.
  • Agenda - This allows you to view calendar events in an ordered list.
  • Export Calendar - This allows you to export a copy of your club calendar as a file that other calendar programs can read.

For more in-depth information about each of these options, please click of any underlined sections, listed above.