Using the File Storage Section in

How to save a file to the File Storage section:

Note: These steps assume that the file will be on the desktop; if it is not, ignore the direction to look for the file there, and instead choose the actual location of the file.

  • While signed in to, go to the File Storage section.
  • In the File Storage section, click on the Add new file link
  • On the next page, click the Choose File or Browse button to open the File window
  • Click Desktop on the left hand side of this window.
  • In the main part of the File window, find and double-click on the file in question; this will return you to the Add New File page.
  • If you feel that the name of the file is not descriptive enough, enter a short description in the File Description box.
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose the folder in the File Storage section that you would like the file to go into.
  • Click Upload to have the file copied from your computer to the File Storage section in your online club.


How to save a file from the File Storage section onto your computer:

  • While signed in to, go to the File Storage section.
  • Any time you see a small black arrow next to a heading, that means there are files available; click any of the arrows to show the available files.
  • When you find the file that you want, click on it. For most browsers, this will bring up a window asking to either Save or Open the file. If not, try right-clicking on the file name instead, and choose either the option to open or save the file.
    • Some browsers may be set to automatically download files to a saved location. If you aren't sure where the browser is saving the file, we have steps in FAQ 186 on how to find downloaded files for most web browsers.
  • If you choose to open the file, Windows should download the file, and then shortly open the program. If not, try the file again, but choose the option to save the file (we always suggest saving to the desktop)
  • If you have the file, and double-clicking does not open the correct program, try opening the program first, and then selecting to open the file.