Unable to Update Prices / Import Data. Blank Window/Constant Wait/Working/Beachball

When trying to Update prices in Toolkit 6, the Import Prices window will come up blank. Clicking OK on the blank window will sometimes also give an error message: Run-time error 30015 Can not remove last non-fixed row

Toolkit will also likely be unable to connect to either data service, even though a web browser can be launched using the Web button. Most often, trying to get company data will result in just a "Wait" symbol, sometimes followed by a message that data could not be retrieved.

We have seen multiple confirmed cases of this issue. In almost every case we found that one or more security programs are interfering with Toolkit's connection to the price and/or data services that it uses. Some of the programs that we have seen causing problems are:

  • Webroot - Depending on the version, you may not have the ability to add Toolkit 6 as an allowed program. If you are not sure, the best way to tell is to check with Webroot's support folks about how to add Toolkit as a recognized/allowed program. For more in-depth information, please see our FAQ at: https://www.iclub.com/faq/Home/Article?id=291 , but for a quick fix, we have seen many cases where the following steps helped:
    • Close Toolkit
    • Open Webroot, and click the Web Shield button,to turn it off.
    • Close Webroot
    • Re-open Toolkit
  • IObit Malware Fighter -  From our experience, this program does not offer any way to add Toolkit as a recognized program that should not be blocked. The only way to be certain that it did not interfere was to exit the software
  • Malwarebytes - Similar to Webroot, the ability to add Toolkit 6 as an allowed program may be restricted, depending on your version. Again, the best way to be sure is to check with the support team for the program.
  • McAfee - McAfee quarantines the Toolkit6.exe that is usually used to start Toolkit, and does not respect requests to un-quarantine the program. While contacting McAfee about this is the best long term solution (https://www.iclub.com/faq/Home/Article?id=587), the following steps should get your Toolkit working again in the meantime:
    • Close or cancel out of any error messages you might have on screen.
    • Go to the Start menu, click the Search box, and type in ‘ Toolkit 6 Non-Admin ‘, without the quotes.
    • From the results, right-click on the listing for Toolkit 6 Non-Admin, and then left-click ‘ Open File Location ‘
    • This will open a new Window. Depending on your computer, you will see a highlighted icon for either Toolkit 6 Non-Admin, or Toolkit6Server.exe
    • In either case, right-click the program icon, then left-click PROPERTIES.
    • On the properties window, click the COMPATIBILITY tab. If you do not see a compatibility tab, make sure that you have selected the program, and not a file or folder with the same name.
    • Click APPLY, then OK.
    • Once this is done, you can make a shortcut to use on a regular basis, by right-clicking the icon, and choosing one of the options such as Pin to Start, Pin to Task Bar, or Send To > Desktop
    • Close any open windows, and you should be able to use this new shortcut to open your Toolkit program. 

If you have a different security program, we first suggest to close Toolkit, and then look for and turn off any security program that you can see listed in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen. When any security programs are off, then try Toolkit again.

If you find that turning one of these programs off, then re-opening your Toolkit allows it to work, we would strongly suggest to contact the support team for that software, and ask if they have a way to make sure that their software will not interfere with any program or file in: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ICLUBcentral\Toolkit6 folder.

If you do not find any listing for a separate security program, we can also suggest to check our FAQ 261, Unable to register, or trouble connecting to the internet; while a security program is the most common cause, there are other possible reasons Toolkit may not be able to connect to the internet, and FAQ 261 lists some causes and solutions.