Error 48 and/or "File Not Found" when trying to register.

When registering Toolkit, the messageĀ Error 48: File not found may appear. This is most often an indicator that some other software on the computer is preventing the connection. If no specific file name is mentioned as part of the error, we suggest to check FAQ 261: Unable to register, or trouble connecting to the internet.
FAQ 1261 has several sections; for this error, we suggest to start with the section on security software. If that does not help, please try the other sections listed in FAQ 1261.

If a file name is referenced in the error, we suggest to check FAQ 305: Registry Cleaning -or- Registering a .dll or .ocx file. Most often the best course if a file is mentioned will be to make a backup and re-install the program, but FAQ 1305 offers alternatives if you do not want to immediately re-install the program.