Noble Corp (NE) Spinoff of Paragon (PGN)

On August 1st, 2014, Noble Corporation plc (NE) completed a the spinoff of Paragon Offshore plc (PGN)

This is a standard spinoff transaction. For more about the basic steps on entering a spinoff, see:

Information used to determine the steps listed below, was taken from a Cost basis allocation PDF posted in the Investor Relations area of the Noble Corp web site.

  • Transaction Date: August 1st
  • Parent Company: Noble Corp (NE)
  • Old Security Price Per Share or Remaining Basis Percentage: While the average price per share from 08/04 (26.82) can be used, we suggest to choose┬áRemaining Basis Percentage instead, and enter 87.685.
  • Shares of Paragon (PGN): [# of shares of NE divided by 3]. Don't forget to include fractional shares!
  • Price per share of Paragon: 11.30 - Don't forget to include this; not entering a price for the new stock will result in it not showing up on your club reports.
  • Cash in lieu - enter any cash for fractional shares