Toolkit tried to download roster of quality from Stock Central but there seems to be a problem with your credentials or your internet connection

The first thing to check if you see this message is to make sure that you can sign in to

Close Toolkit 6, open your web browser, and go to

If you are automatically signed in to the, please first click the Logout link near the top right-hand corner of the page, and then try to sign in again.

  • If you are unable to sign in, and are not sure what the password might be, please either use the Forgot Password link on the page, or contact ICLUBcentral support to request a new password. This can be done through our support page at:
    Over the phone, by calling 877-334-2582
  • If you are able to sign back in to the site, then try the following steps:
    • Leave the web page open on and then open Toolkit6.
    • Go to Options > Preferences.
    • Delete, and then re-type your StockCentral password.
    • Click OK at the bottom left of the screen, and see if the error comes back.

If it does, then the next most likely issues are going to be something else on the computer getting in the way of the connection.
To check for those, please take a look at FAQ 261 at:
The page there gives a few of the other causes we have found for the error to come up.