How to enter the Kinder Morgan (KMI) and Kinder Morgan Management (KMR) merger.

Kinder Morgan completed its merger with Kinder Morgan Management on 11/26/2014. KMR shareholders received 2.4849 shares of Kinder Morgan stock per KMR unit.

The SEC filing for this merger can be found at through the Kinder Morgan web site at: . Choose the S-4A filing of 10/1/2014.

For KMR shareholders this is a simple non-taxable merger.

Here is the information needed to enter this merger.

  • Date: 11/26/2014
  • Old Company: Kinder Morgan Management (KMR)
  • New Company: Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI)
  • Shares Received: 2.4849 x (# KMR shares owned) Be sure to include shares amount.
    • For example for 100 KMR shares enter 2.4849* 100 = 248.49 KMI shares received.
  • Cash Received: See your broker statement for the cash-in-lieu.
  • Price per share of KMI: Find on your broker statement, or divide the cash received by the fractional shares in order to calculate the price per share.
    • The price cannot be 0.00; the club may not have been charged for the new shares, but a price must be filled in so that the accounting system can correctly calculate the value of the new shares.