Plum Creek Merger with Weyerhauser

Go to Accounting > Securities > Merger or Transactions > Merger, depending on if you are using, or desktop Club Accounting 3.

  • Date: 2/19/16 (or as specified on your broker’s information)
  • Merging/Old Security: Plum Creek (PCL)
  • Old security Price Per share: 36.54 (or as dictated by broker statement)
  • New company: Weyerhauser (WY)
  • Shares of Weyerhauser: (# of PCL shares) multiplied by 1.6 – A club with 100 shares of Plum Creek, would receive 160 shares of Weyerhauser.
  • *Don’t forget to include fractional shares in this number*
  • Price for Weyerhauser: 22.87 (or as dictated by broker statement)
  • Cash for Fractional Shares: Enter any cash for fractional shares.