TSNP > TSNPD > HMBL - 2021

In March of 2021, Tesoro Enterprises went through a re-organization, which invovled a reverse stock split, a name change and a ticker change.

The reverse stock split can be entered by going to Accounting > Transactions > Stock Split.

  • Date: March 2nd (or another date, as noted on your broker's information)
  • Ticker: TSNP
  • Split Ratio: 1 for 4
  • Cash for fractional shares: Check your broker statement for any listing of 'cash in lieu', and enter it here.

Most clubs were also charged a reorganization fee. This can be entered as an expense, on the same day as the stock split.

In addition, the company also changed their name and ticker symbol.

The initial change in ticker was from TSNP to TSNPD, but near the end of March 2021, the ticker changed again, to HMBL

  • In myICLUB, go to Accounting > Securities > (Update) Security Settings.
  • Click the Edit button to the left of the company name
  • On the next screen, enter the new ticker as HMBL, and click Submit to save the changes.