Tesla (TSLA) 3 for 1 stock split (2022) - 08/25/2022

Following are the steps for entering the 3 for 1 Tesla (TSLA) Stock split in 2022.

To enter a new Stock Split transaction in Club Accounting Online

  1. Select Accounting > Securities > Stock Split
  2. Date- Type the date directly into the Date field. The stock started trading with the adjusted price on 08/25/2022, but follow the date on your broker statement, if it's different
  3. Symbol- Choose the Parent company, Tesla (TSLA), from the drop-down list, and then click continue to move to the next page.
  4. Shares After Split- Enter the number of shares in the stock you own after the split, including any fractional shares. This was a 3 for 1 stock split, so simply multiply the number of shares you had before the split, by 3, and enter the result.
    1. Note: If your statement shows a whole number of shares but this field shows a whole number plus a fractional amount, such as 30.5, the program is not wrong. You should have received cash for the fractional share, which is entered in the next field below. Club Accounting will record the sale of the fractional share for the amount entered in the Cash Payment for Fractional Share field and the club will be left with a whole number of shares.
  5. Split Ratio- This was a standard split, resulting in more shares than the club started with. If you entered the Shares After Split correctly, the site will fill this out for you, and show 3 for 1.
  6. Cash for Fractional Shares- Enter any cash received in place of a fractional share. The site will automatically enter a Sell transaction for the fractional share for you for this amount and any fractional share entered in the Shares Received field.
  7. Account- select the account to receive any cash-in-lieu from this transaction. The drop-down list includes all active accounts.

Click Submit to complete the transaction