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Stock Analyst Updates

Stock Analyst 3 has been discontinued. No technical support is available for the program.

We recommend Toolkit 6 for fundamental stock analysis. Please contact ICLUBcentral Customer Support to see if offers are available for users who would like to switch to Toolkit 6 from Stock Analyst 3.

The most current version of Stock Analyst is 3.2.7. You may check what version you are using from within the program:

  • Select the HELP pull down menu.
  • Click ABOUT STOCK ANALYST. Your version will be listed.
  • You must be running 3.1.0 to download and install the update. To update:
    • Select the HELP pull down menu
    • Follow the instructions to download and install the update.

Note: If you are running version 3.0 or 3.0.1, you you must download and install a full copy of version 3.2 (20 mb). You should backup your database from the OPTIONS menu prior to installing the update, and then restore your database if necessary after installing the new version. You do not typically need to uninstall version 3.0 or 3.0.1 before installing the update.

March 2012 – Version 3.2.7 Update

Changes Made

  • Additional update to % insider holdings value displayed in Section 1 of the SSG.


May 2011 – Version 3.2.6 Update

Changes Made

  • Updated Stock Analyst to reflect changes to the StockCentral data service.
  • Corrected insider holdings value that is displayed in Section 1 of the SSG.
  • Corrected year-end determination for companies with fiscal years that did not correspond to calendar years.


June 2008 – Version 3.2.5 Update

Changes Made

  • Added StockCentral as an automatic data feed option.
  • Updated sample company database.


March 2008 – Version 3.2.4 Update

Changes Made

  • Updated Stock Analyst to reflect changes to the price data service.


September 2006 – Version 3.2.2 Updates

Change Made

  • Edited the Help> About page to show version number to third value.

September 2006 – Version 3.2.1 Updates

Bugs Fixed

  • "Save As" feature now saves a new copy of the data in your library
  • User yearly data does no longer shifts when updating from OPS

Changes Made

  • Revised and updated manual
  • New sample database with current data


August 2005 – Version 3.2.0 Updates

Bugs Fixed

  • Subscript out of range error no longer occurs when tiling windows & opening SSG Analysis
  • Enhanced auto-updater tweaks
  • Import and export of SSGs no longer wipes judgment for future Sales/EPS ratio
  • Program now indicate 200 company limit on price updates
  • Right-clicking on PERT Report & refreshing data now updates accordingly
  • PMG no longer mulitiplies buys & sells multiply when manipulation of SSG data
  • PERT: column V/W column no longer incorrectly uses current instead of lead PE
  • Numeric version scheme is now sane
  • Issue share splits no longer saves improperly
  • Quaterly data revenue field extended to fit for 100s of millions
  • Full name no longer missing from registration
  • PMG Graph no longer incorrectly shifts FY Year
  • Runtime error 440 no longer occurs when inputting quaterly data manually after adding new year and data
  • Purchase price in portfolio diversification is no longer incorrect
  • SSG judgement compatibility between Stock Analyst & Toolkit
  • Book value now downloads from OPS
  • Letter T is no longer displayed wrong after importing SDF files

Features Added

  • New .SDF format for trading back & forth with Toolkit 5.1
  • New 'Save As' process to warn user against overwriting
  • New call allows Portfolio Record Keeper to load SSGs
  • List panel now contains an add new item

Changes Made

  • Edit company data window now contains less confusing text at the top
  • New splash screen
  • New ABOUT screen
  • Removal of NAIC references and some replacements with BetterInvesting


June 2004 – Version 3.1.0 Updates

General Items

  1. New auto-updater added to the program. To check for new patches and updates select Help> Check for Updates from the top menu. Previously this took users to a website to download and install patches manually. Now the update is automatically downloaded and installed in seconds with a click of the mouse.
  2. Corrected issue where closing Stock Analyst using the ‘X’ button will close even if you are prompted to save data and choose to cancel. If you are prompted to save data when closing and select Cancel Stock Analyst will remain open.
  3. Modifications to the way Stock Analyst downloads OPS data to correct reports of Error 430 on some computers.
  4. New Global Preference on Display Tab to set the color of background report shading. Default is a light gray backshading. This affects Balance Sheet Report, PERTA, PERTB, and PMG Report. Changes made in the preferences area will update any open windows and become the default color for companies opened after that point.
  5. Minor corrections and link fixes on the About> NAIC Stock Analyst window.
  6. Revised the Quick Start Guide (PDF file) on Page 2 in Software Specifications section where it incorrectly indicated Stock Prospector instead of Stock Analyst.
  7. Removed S&P Financial Rating from sort report as it is not tracked by S&P. . S&P Quality Rating remains and lists proper S&P ratings from ‘A+’ down to ‘D’. Additionally there is S&P Rating column that reflects the numeric equivalent of the S&P Quality values and allows proper sorting of the S&P Quality values in report.
  8. “Sorted By” label on Sort Report properly updates when sort changes made to the list.
  9. Importing an older Stock Analyst 2.5 type database using the Options> Restore menu left the cursor in an hourglass state after completing even though the program was ready.
  10. Some users reported that installing Stock Analyst sometimes caused NAIC Toolkit to stop working. Re-installing Toolkit fixed the problem however Stock Analyst now checks for this potential problem and prevents it from happening as it is installed.
  11. Resolved concern where some users reported they open a company, make changes, close it and choose not to save the changes, then reopen and the changes are listed. Re-starting the program and loading company shows that the changes did not save as intended. Corrected so this situation does not occur.
  12. Corrected error where program would not open if user did not have any printer set up on the computer. Program now loads fine and any attempt to print prompts you to install or set up a printer first when no printers are present.
  13. Behavior of Financial calculator updated so that it opens on the top right corner of the screen instead of dead center so it is minimally blocking the NSA program. Help for calculator opens directly to the left of the calculator with no overlap.
  14. Added links to open the Stock Analyst Manual and Quick Start Guide from the main help menu.
  15. Stock Analyst now allows printing of multiple copies of any/all reports.
  16. Sort Report - S&P Quality (Rank) was mislabeled as S&P Safety. Properly renamed column heading.

SSG Graph

  1. Revised the SSG Graph popup judgment to modify or reset EST Rev and EST EPS projection % values by combining these two items into one window. In this way a person can modify or reset one value or both without the need to open two separate popup windows.
  2. Corrected SSG Graph so that Mid-Point calculation method now works. Previously only calculated Least Squares growth.
  3. SSG Graph popup quarterly data will appear for all quarterly data circles on the chart. Previously only the first 3 quarters after the last FY would show popup data if you positioned the mouse over the circle.
  4. Double clicking on the SSG Graph will immediately display the popup Options window for that report.

SSG Analysis

  1. Removed the Stockwiz from the right-click pop-up menu on the SSG Analysis report. This is not a function of Stock Analyst program.
  2. Corrected a default option on SSG Analysis Section 3 extras that used ACE Forecasted EPS as default instead of EPS Growth from the Graph. The initial default when installing Stock Analyst is now EPS Growth from the Graph. Existing users can change the setting manually in the program preferences> SSG Analysis tab.
  3. Revised the SSG Analysis popup judgment to modify or reset Avg. High or Avg. Low PE ratios by combining these two items into one window. In this way a person can modify or reset one value or both without the need to open two separate popup windows.
  4. Revised SSG Analysis such that a left (normal) click on the Avg. High PE, Avg. Low PE, or EST.Low Price boxes will immediately display the list of calculated selections. Right clicking will display the popup enter / reset judgment box. (See previous item)
  5. Removed the Stockwiz from the right-click pop-up menu on the SSG Analysis report. This is not a function of Stock Analyst program.
  6. Double clicking on SSG Analysis will immediately display the popup Options window for that report.

Data Entry and Data Items

  1. New Update Quarterly Data option on company data entry window. By selecting the Quarterly Data tab a person may click the “Update Q Data Only” button. This will update the complete list of Quarterly data and all the historical monthly prices but will not alter any yearly or current or Annual Report data.
  2. Added Short Term Debt latest 4quarters -Short Term Debt (4Q). This is displayed on the Balance Sheet Report in Capital Structure section.
  3. Doing data update properly updates 52-week high and 52-week low prices in company. It should look at the price date, compare to price date in SSG datafile and update high and low prices if the current price is updated.
  4. Importing old Stock Analyst Data to New Stock Analyst –Corrected issue where inside ownership comes in with the wrong decimal place (100x larger) and in some cases institutional shares was no longer converting or listing in thousands (00in Stock Analyst when previously was in billions or millions in old Stock Analyst.
  5. Quarterly Data Window - If you change the option to Tax Rate (or Pre tax Income) then go back to the Quarterly tab the data in the Tax Rate (or Pre tax Income) column is not correct. This appears to be a screen refresh problem. The data itself is always correct, just the display was incorrect. This has been fixed.
  6. Company data - S&P Quality rating - This is a letter rating like a+, B, etc but the field lists as a number when in fact the proper rating is already tracked in the S&P Financial rating. Removed S&P Financial leaving a dropdown option list of S&P Ratings from ‘A+’ down to ‘D’ to properly represent the S&P ratings.
  7. S&P Financial is not used by OPS or S&P Data so this has been removed from the Balance Sheet Report. S&P Quality Rating remains and lists proper S&P ratings from ‘A+’ down to ‘D’. Also removed S&P Financial item from Company Data Report as it is not used.[
  8. Company Data popup window> Update Data button: If company in Database is too old or data is inconsistent between existing and new update then a warning with no message (blank popup) appears. Corrected to display the full text of the message in these cases when updating.
  9. Data Entry Add /Delete Year process properly shifts the following columns of data. Cash Flow, Long Term Debt, User1, User2, User3. Also prevent the Add or Remove year to proceed giving user an alert message if the data is locked.
  10. Corrected issue in Data Entry on Company Info tab where invalid date can be entered into the Date of Last FY box. Message "Date of LQ is in conflict w/ Date of LFY. Click OK to go to Quarterly data tab or Cancel to stay on remain in current tab." Works now so that Cancel stays on current tab instead of incorrectly going to yearly data tab. Likewise the Date of LastFY box will not allow an invalid date to be entered at all. The date reverts to previous value if invalid data is entered as date.
  11. Added data entry location to edit and view Total Assets on the Company Data tab. This information is used on the Balance Sheet report Capital Structure Section – Assets/Equity ratio. Relocated Insider and Industry items to top of right column of data so that like data items remain grouped together logically.


  1. Corrected display of Implied growth lines on Stock Comparison Graph. Was inverted order and did not take the SSG Section 2B ROE calculation option into account. (Previous Year Equity options)
  2. Stock Comparison Guide Row 25 (Potential Dilution) no longer relevant considering OPS and all data providers report all earnings on a diluted basis. Result is None showing in this row. Row 25 still will remain in the report until NAIC decides to make change to the SCG and either remove or modify this row.
  3. Corrected Comparison Guide graph PTI on Sales item to display correct PTI on Sales ratio data.
  4. In certain situations on the Stock Comparison Graph an unintended dark gray shadow would appear behind the Graph legend box. This has been corrected.

Trend Graph

  1. Corrected issue where Trend Graph lines get reset or erased after loading SSG Analysis Section 2 Graphics chart then returning to Trend Graph.
  2. Additional correction to ensure that data does not reset or erase when loading multiple companies and viewing multiple Trend Graphs.
  3. Added mouse over popup feature to Trend Graph so plotted data can be seen.
  4. Trend Graph - Implied Growth formula corrected. Was inverted order and did not take the SSG Section 2B ROE calculation option into account. (Previous Year Equity options)
  5. Scale Changes stick if they are altered then you switch to another report and then come back to Trend Graph. Previously they did not.


  1. Made adjustment to PERT-A report to correctly line up the quarterly data with the Fiscal Year (bold) indicator lines. Previously the bold lines were off by one quarter.
  2. PERTA, PERTB, PERT Report, Balance Sheet Report, PMG Report – Display NMF (no meaningful value) in previous year % growth calculations where previous year value is negative.[
  3. Fixed issue where the LastQ Date is not in synch with the Fiscal Year end date, that is the Last Q Month is not matching on a quarterly basis with the Last FY month. NSA no longer (occasionally) freezes when loading the PMG Report, PMG Graph, PERTA or PERT Graphics.
  4. PERTA, PERTB, PERT Report, and PMG Report – Added alternating back shading to reports for easier reading. New global preference to turn PERT and PMG Report back shading on or off added to Preferences> PMG and PERT area. Changes made in the preferences area will update any open windows and become the default on/off setting for companies opened after that point.
  5. Added right click ability on PERTA, PERTB, PERT Report, and PMG Report to toggle background shading on or off. PERT Report added Show/Hide Header option to match functionality of other reports.
  6. PERT Report Column E and Z remain blank until judgment is complete on company SSG. Previously they would show irrelevant figures such as ACE 4Q EPS or 100% Total Return.
  7. Balance Sheet Report and Analysis
  8. Corrected calculation of Implied Return on the Balance Sheet Report. Implied Return = Implied Growth + Avg. Dividend Yield (SSG part 5B). Implied Growth = Avg. ROE x (1-Avg. Dividend Payout)
  9. Balance Sheet Report. Payback calculation corrected to match old Stock Analyst payback method of calculation.
  10. Balance Sheet Report Capital Structure section - Short Term Debt references proper SSG field 156 for short term debt latest 4 quarters. No longer calculating from other values.
  11. Balance Sheet report would not load in some cases when invalid or missing data was present for Inventories or Inventory Turnover Ratio data. Corrected.
  12. Entering in total interest paid on debt in the annual report data of a company would cause a % value to show on the bottom right corner of the Capital Structure section of the Balance Sheet report. This has been corrected to indicate Interest Paid on Debt due and also show the latest years data for this item in addition to the % change.
  13. Minor spelling and text adjustments to the alerts in the Balance Sheet Analysis (report)
  14. Removed leading $ in front of Px to Sales ratio on Balance Sheet Analysis so it matches the same data as displayed on the Balance Sheet Report.
  15. Corrected the alert on the Compare Net Income line on the Balance Sheet Analysis. Appeared to be a problem displaying proper color alert when losses occurred.
  16. Balance Sheet Analysis – Corrected a condition whereby Cashflow is increasing at or better than Sales. yet the comment is Cashflow is NOT increasing at or better than Sales.
  17. Balance Sheet Report - Corrected problem in the calculation of 10Yr Averages in the Historical Valuation section. (Previously the 10 Yr averages appeared to be dividing by 9 years instead of 10.

Portfolio Items

  1. Portfolio menu items work properly in all cases now. Previous issue where they did not function when portfolio loaded is resolved. Added new menu item Portfolio> Retirement Planner .
  2. Corrected issues on Portfolio diversification (list and chart) where previously the Capitalization, revenues and other data was not loading properly causing errors in sorting and the Diversification Chart.
  3. Rounding problem on Diversification report corrected so figures sum exactly as seen on diversification list.
  4. Resolved issue where saving portfolio data with apostrophe (‘) in any fields causes error.
  5. Portfolio sort order updates accordingly when changes to the data are detected. (Previously the sort would reset in some cases incorrectly.)
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