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As of December 31, 2021, Club Accounting 3 is no longer a supported program. Technical support is no longer available to users of the software. is the current state-of-the-art solution for investment club accounting, operations, and tax filing. We urge users of Club Accounting 3 to contact us to learn about options for migrating data to

Initially released in 2005, Club Accounting 3 for Windows was sold through mid-2016, and support for all users ended in 2021. The final version was Club Accounting 3.2.1.

Version History

November 14 2011 - version 3.2.1 update:

  • Fixed mishandling of non-qualifying dividends in rare circumstances.

December 17 2009 - version 3.2.0 update:

  • A 64-bit installer is now available.
  • .XML files are now a compatible import file type.
  • Dividends now listed as Security income.
  • Cash now rounds to 2 decimal places.
  • Club Capital Gains report now shows long and short term gains separately.
  • Startup status page adjusted.
  • Last price date added to Valuation.
  • Default starting dates changed to beginning of year on some reports.
  • Program now shows hourglass for after editing transaction.
  • Error messages adjusted.
  • Cash Journal now shows when balance reaches zero.
  • Settings page now correctly fits inside new club wizard screen.
  • Emergency Contact line in member profile now imports/export to Club Accounting Online.
  • Transaction Summary report adjusted so blank pages don't print.
  • Cash in lieu no longer duplicated for spinoff transaction.
  • Further adjustments to make sure that transactions on 12/31 are handled properly.
  • Updated tooltip settings for reports.
  • Allocation of Earnings no longer out of order on Individual valuation units ledger report.
  • Year value is from now listed on withdrawal reports.
  • Unit value added to Individual valuation units report.
  • More room added for the dividends column on the allocation report.
  • Expenses/fees prior to first stock purchase now affects unit value.
  • Member and grand total added to member deposit report.
  • Removed extra columns of zeros from reports.
  • Added error trap for user entered cash values.
  • Reinvested dividends confirmation screen adjusted to display correctly.
  • Remarks can now be edited on all transactions.
  • Added conditions to display more data on member info report.
  • Stock name re-displays if history fills more than one page.
  • Added select active and inactive links to security reports.
  • Zero value now allowed on valuation if user confirms.
  • Marking account inactive now effect accounts listed on valuation.
  • Changed "Complete Withdrawal" to "Complete Pending Withdrawal".
  • Second backup in one day no longer overwrites existing backup of same day.
  • Security Transaction Report help file text corrected.
  • Users not registered no longer able to use auto updater.
  • Error trap added to catch merger and cash entered incorrectly.
  • Old valuations no longer incorrectly display most recent prices.
  • Confirmation screen for security purchases now lists service charge.
  • Error trap added to not allow cash-in-lieu without fractional shares.
  • Individual Valuation Units Ledger report now shows 12/31 distribution.
  • Program now allows negative entries in all transactions.
  • On the Withdrawal Report, text changed from "Date" to "Date purchased", and added bold text for Adjusted Basis and Realized Gains.
  • Editing an "Other Income" transaction now displays correct category.
  • Default date for Allocation of Income and Expenses report changed.
  • Closing Address Labels report with close button no longer crashes.
  • Valuation report is no longer half-empty if club does not own any stocks yet.
  • If withdrawal percent is 100%, then Individual Valuation Units Ledger and Withdrawal Reports no longer crash.
  • Reverse split, 20:1, now results in accurate share total.

January 22nd 2008 - version 3.1.6 update:

  • Corrected Ex-Dividend Date selection calendar behavior
  • Changed classification of Short-Term Capitol Gains from Mutual funds/REITs

December 4th 2007 - version 3.1.5 update:

  • Corrected update process for unregistered installations

November 16th 2007 - version 3.1.4 update:

  • Added link to lookup ex-Dividend dates to the Dividend page

May 31st 2007 - version 3.1.3 update:

  • Cash values now rounded to two decimal places
  • Added ability to round historical transactions accordingly
  • Added automatic backup to round decimals function
  • Added home page refresh to round decimal function
  • Added confirmation notice to round decimals function
  • Shares available corrected to match shares sold after decimal rounding
  • Editing member deposit after member withdrawal no longer affects deposit
  • Editing an initial buy does not affect block numbers
  • Editing spinoff no longer resets CAR
  • Two withdrawals using the same stocks no longer affects basis
  • Editing spinoff no longer basis
  • Current date no longer auto-fill into ex-div field box
  • Displaying name and path in export data window
  • Charitable donation of two or more stocks corrected
  • Allowed commission field to be left blank during Buy transaction
  • Shortened price per share shown during entry of reinvested dividends
  • Added popup for clubs about to expire
  • New club link corrected
  • Clear data now clears accounts
  • Changed withdrawal page to match online
  • Foreign tax no longer shows as unqualified if stock is sold prior to receipt
  • Initial unit value can no longer be set to zero
  • Changed stock link location on home page
  • Added error trap to merger process
  • Include Earlier Ownership can now be turned off correctly
  • Split transaction now displays shares to six decimals
  • Split results corrected
  • Reports now return you to your query when you close them
  • Report heading justification corrected
  • Values realigned on Valuation Statement
  • CAR values now showing in landscape mode for all users
  • Added bold subtotal lines on transaction summary report
  • Security Dividends report no longer shows all items qualified by default
  • Displaying total on Security Dividends report in addition to subtotals
  • Capitol Gains report shows number of shares
  • Capital gains report shows capital gains dividends
  • Charitable donation total corrected on Income statement
  • Report margins adjusted for clarity of printing
  • Changed additional gains text on allocation report
  • Units to be withdrawn on withdrawal confirmation now matches Ind val units ledger
  • Capital gains report - shares column font corrected
  • Member status report data corrected to agree with valuation statement
  • Added Contact line to Member profile

February 7th 2007 - version 3.1.2 update:

  • Corrected issue with audit that could cause unit values to appear to not change over time

January 18th 2007 - version 3.1.1 updates:

  • Income & Expense/Balance Sheet totals corrected
  • The payout date for a 2-part withdrawal can now be left blank
  • Transaction search limiters now mutually exclusive
  • Fixed issue that prevented new transactions from being entered
  • Earnings allocation method used now saved into export file
  • Overall club return calculation corrected
  • Graphs display altered for increased clarity
  • Limited the 'Inclusive club return' value to only show when option is selected
  • Changing initial unit value setting now refreshes status page
  • Increased space onscreen for Add member entry boxes
  • Donated stock is now removed from the club's ownership
  • CAR values now showing in landscape mode
  • Corrected report heading justifications
  • Long-term holding period corrected

July 10, 2006 - version 3.1.0 updates:

Please Note: To update Club Accounting 3 to the newest release, version 3.1, you cannot use the auto-updater that is built into the program. Due to changes in the underlying Microsoft .NET technology incorporated in Club Accounting 3.1, this update cannot be delivered to users via the auto-updater functionality. As a result, all users of Club Accounting users, have been sent a CD that contains version 3.1. Please follow the instructions included with the CD to install the updated program. Also note that version 3.1 requires .NET Framework 2.

  • Program has been converted to Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0
  • Progress bar has been added for all for reports
  • Charts & graphs have been cleanup to remove overlapping text
  • Margins and columns have been adjusted and realigned
  • New capital gains & losses report (like Schedule-D)
  • New Security Dividends Report
  • Member Deposits Report no longer has popup labels & magnifier icon
  • Dollar amount for Current Year Earnings/Loss now has decimal point and zeroes
  • Member Status Report no longer crashes on dataset with just a few transactions
  • Withdrawal fee total on Transaction Summary report is now always listed correctly
  • Unregistered installation no longer able to export data
  • Report using two date ranges no longer conflicts data
  • Deletion of payment for withdrawal in excess of two steps is now enabled
  • You can now leave price per share blank during merger
  • Remarks now viewable when editing merger and spinoff
  • Demo shutoff now properly keeps you from accessing club
  • All check boxes now behave as labeled.
  • No error occur now when changing cash-in-lieu
  • Spinoff transaction now shows cash in lieu when you edit
  • Program now warns when you exceed a cash balance with a stock withdrawal
  • Club Return added to valuation report
  • Report default start dates changed
  • Balance Sheet report's current year investments now matches total cost

April 27, 2006 - version 3.0.9 updates:

  • Program now prompts option to export data when closing
  • Member transactions have been added to the cash/security transactions list
  • On reports, the previously selected report orientation is now remembered
  • Account has been removed from the charges paid confirmation
  • Account settings are now sticky and default to your last selection
  • Software now shows six decimal places in unit ledger report
  • Default of 'contributions' on reports is now from last valuation
  • Program now warns when income and expense of equal amounts on same day
  • General and individual member remarks on member deposits are no longer lost after export and re-import or import from Club Accounting Online
  • Zeroed out accounts are now able to be marked inactive by user
  • Member withdrawal step has been added to prepare for meeting wizard
  • Transaction list now has the option to show account balances on a selected date/range
  • Income has been named to Other Income & Transfer Cash has moved to the top
  • New message center feature has been added to the auto-updater to anticipate warning users of incoming program changes in the future
  • Warning message has been added when attempting to delete a stock purchase with a later sale or dividend
  • Software no longer allows user to withdraw more stock than exists
  • Club EIN # and member role/position now properly imports from Club Accounting Online

March 28, 2006 - version 3.0.8 updates:

  • A crash no longer occurs when doing a search with no security selected
  • Deleting one part of a two step withdrawal no longer leaves the other part behind
  • When editing a "charge paid by company" or "foreign tax paid" transaction, the company selected is no longer incorrect
  • Buttons are no longer cut off in the reconcile accounts wizard
  • Member withdrawal report no longer lists print date as security transfer date
  • Option of "deselect all" added to the security transaction history report
  • A "sell all" button has been added to the sell shares screen
  • The valuation and payout dates are now both listed on the member withdrawal report
  • Same-day transactions are now processed in the same order they were input by the user
  • Balance Sheet reports now defaults to show members' unrealized gains and undistributed income on separate line
  • Selecting 'show inactives' when no account is selected no longer crashes program
  • Audit now fixes equally allocated expenses that occur between the dates of a two step withdrawal

January 19, 2006 - version 3.0.7 updates:

  • The earnings distribution setting now carries over from an imported file
  • Entries made on January 1st now appear on reports
  • When doing a merger, a security just added is now always properly chosen from the list
  • An import from NCA2 no longer ignores qualifying dividends from full withdrawals
  • After deleting a merger, program no longer leaves the cost basis at pre-return of capital levels.
  • Charges paid by company now appear in the security history report
  • Importing an .icd file from NCA 2 now properly imports the club's NAIC club number and tax id number
  • The 'email members' function now works properly in Outlook Express

January 9, 2006 - version 3.0.6 updates:

  • Report query pages and report result pages are no longer in different sections of the left nav and now match
  • Company name has been added to the performance graph
  • "Calculate Returns for Entire Purchase..." no longer always defaults to no for security settings
  • Explanatory text added to the Beginning Balances screen
  • Bug fixed that disabled the ability to transfer all remaining stock to a member withdrawal
  • Commas added to values on home page screen
  • On the Valuation Statement, the "First Buy or Val Date" now sets to the date on which the returns calculations are starting from
  • Registration now allows more than 32 characters for email address
  • Some member profile data not stored after export and import now fixed
  • Equally allocated expenses no longer show as proportionally allocated on Allocation report
  • Ex-dividend field is now disabled if it is not a a dividend (such as Return of Capital)
  • Ability to withdraw member during Year End wizard fixed
  • Short term capital gains on Inc/Exp report now matches Transaction Summary
  • The Complete Journal no longer is missing transaction values that effected the calculation of the distribution of earnings (allocation of income/expenses)
  • CAR calculation added to the Individual Valuation Units Ledger

December 7, 2005 - version 3.0.5 updates:

  • For "Start calcs from" on reports, an error trap disallows it to be after the report date
  • Changing a security's ticker symbol no longer results in the change not being detected
  • Complete Journal & Income/Expense reports have been optimized for faster loading
  • On Valuation page, companies are now listed alphabetically by name (as opposed to ticker)
  • Switchover Method Wizard: reinvested and earnings headers now line up with columns
  • "Start Calcs From" on Member Status & Valuation Statement limited to Valuations
  • Income/Expense Balance Sheet report: date selection now disables if the other variable selected

November 18, 2005 - version 3.0.4 updates:

  • Names on the Member Status Report are now alphabetical
  • Member Information Report is rearranged to hold more people per page
  • "Start Return Calculations From" fields are now a dropdown list of valuation dates
  • Stock Splits now allow empty fields for cash payments
  • Optimization of Compound Annual Return algorithm
  • Withdrawal values no longer display incorrect for some datasets
  • Adding a new security for mergers or spinoffs no longer forgets parent security
  • Partial Withdrawal report now shows a zero (instead of the incorrect realized gain)
  • Reconcile Accounts no longer disables Done button if difference equals zero
  • Valuation Statement headers aligned
  • Stock Performance chart rearranged
  • Member Information report no longer lists incorrect inactive date
  • Program now allows negative member payments
  • Service charge no longer required on security buys
  • Club Assets graph now includes cash accounts

October 17, 2005 - version 3.0.3 updates:

  • The number of decimal shares truncates properly in all reports
  • The shares received and price per share on mergers are no longer reversed
  • Members with no first name are no longer imported with no name
  • The valuation Statement no longer displays # of units always based on $10
  • Typos corrected on the valuation Statement and financial institution accounts screen
  • Margins are now even when printing
  • Reinvestment confirmation screen no longer always says "Account: Bank"
  • Cash and Complete Journal reports now include security name
  • Transactions lists now include remarks
  • SSN in Member Information Report now contains hyphens
  • Stocks classified as REIT in NCA2 no longer imports into CA3 as stock
  • Security Transactions History report no longer only display up to 7 blocks
  • Transaction Summary report no longer lists all expenses as deductible
  • Year-end wizard now offers ability confirm imported REITs are marked correctly
  • Editing of cash transfers no longer reverses accounts
  • Error traps for dates in future
  • Valuation Statement now has "Start Return Calculations from"
  • Importation of datafiles exclusive to .icd, .dat and .icf formats
  • Remaining Basis calculation in mergers & spinoffs corrected
  • Custom dates added for Income/Expense & Balance Sheet reports
  • When choosing to not distribute earnings at year end - program now defaults to current year (instead of 2010)

September 7, 2005 - version 3.0.2 updates:

  • Current cash balances of all accounts are now displayed when selecting Club > Financial Institution Accounts on the menu.
  • Securities that have valuations associated with them no transactions can now be deleted.
  • The Income and Expense Report now properly displays by selected date range.
  • Withdrawals are now prohibited on valuation dates.
  • The wrap-up meeting wizard properly enters new members.
  • Social security numbers are now imported properly.
  • The bottom of the Valuation screen is no longer cut off in the Wizards.
  • Cash accounts are no longer prevented from having negative balances due to transfer transactions.
  • Cash transfer transactions now include a comments field.
  • The "total price" field in the Beginning Balances screen for securities can now be edited to include the amount of commissions and fees.
  • The Year-End Wizard properly displays the amounts of both qualifying and non-qualifying dividends.
  • Cost per share values on the Valuation Statement are no longer truncated at two decimal places.
  • Pop-up labels on reports no longer display internal fieldnames.
  • Figures on the Valuation Statement are now identical in both landscape and portrait modes.

July 27, 2005 - version 3.0.1 updates:

  • Remarks can be entered for individual deposits on the Enter Member Deposits screen.
  • Improved editing and entering security valuations screen.
  • The spacing of label text on graphs has been improved.
  • A new splash page shows progress as program is started up.
  • Member withdrawal report includes details of stocks transferred to departing members.
  • Telephone numbers and social security numbers are imported properly from NCA 2 datafiles.
  • Dividends are sub-totaled by company on the Transactions Summary report.
  • Reports have page numbers and the total number of pages in each report.
  • Description fields on the Club Expense report are now filled in.
  • The reconciliation function has been improved, and includes the option to skip it in the Wizards and better handling of starting balances.
  • The selected zoom level of reports is now automatically remembered.
  • Member deposits can be deleted or edited individually, and are grouped together in an expandable sub-grouping on the Edit Member Transactions screen.
  • Member last names can include spaces.
  • The Member Deposits report includes all active members during the selected period, not only those who have made deposits. The report has also been re-formatted for easier viewing.
  • Changing to not reinvest units as part of your year-end allocation of income and expenses doesn't affect earlier years.

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