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Investment Club Accounting Software and Services from ICLUBcentral (at is the world's most popular online website for investment clubs. Offering much more than just club accounting, includes:

  • A private club website
  • E-mail compatible message boards
  • Private club calendar
  • Online and phone support included
  • File storage area for exchanging SSGs, minutes, photos, etc.
  • Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for your safety
  • Full-featured investment club accounting (viewable by all club members but editable only by authorized club officers)
  • More than 35 essential portfolio and stockwatcher reports
  • Annual Federal and State Tax forms (optional)

Great for the entire club, offers a free 45-day trial subscription to help you get started.

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Subscribe Commonsense Guide to a Starting Successful Investment Club

Want to learn how to start and run an investment club? In this comprehensive new ebook by ICLUBcentral financial writer Amy Rauch Neilson, anyone can learn the secrets of successful investment clubs, from forming a new club to starting your first investment portfolio to coping with common problems once your club is up and running. Available in PDF and EPUB formats, suitable for reading on Mac and Windows computers, iPads and other tablets, iPhones and other mobile phones. DRM-free. Price: $9.99

Existing users: Get the ebook free! log in to your club's website, then go to File Storage and look in the "Free Resources from" folder.

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