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Profit From Your First Walk Down Wall Street
with Take Stock

Now is your chance to own the book that set the standard for fundamental investing methodology --Take Stock™.

Who says you have to be a professional, or consult one, to consistently earn money in the stock market? If you're tired of paying brokers high commissions for middling results, let Take Stock guide you through the investing jungle and dispel the myths about successful investing.

In his early 40s, the book's author lost virtually everything to chasing "hot" stocks. Scared out of the market until his retirement, he would have repeated his earlier mistakes and frittered away his pension had he not embraced fundamental investing methodology. He continues to share with standing-room-only audiences around the country.

Comprehensive yet easy to understand,Take Stock starts with the basics -- everything from learning financial terminology to basic price evaluation. You'll learn how to make your own growth and value projections, and how to screen for stocks that are right for your portfolio.

But even more experienced investors can benefit from reading Take Stock. Learn how to evaluate company quality through technamental interpretation. Take Stock even explains in simple no-nonsense language the proper way to manage and diversify your portfolio.

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Take Stock
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