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Introducing Club Accounting 3

July 1, 2005 - Contact Information:
ICLUBcentral Inc.


ICLUBcentral, the Market Leader in Investment Club Software, Releases “Club Accounting 3”,

Innovative New Tool for Club Operations

Cambridge, MA – ICLUBcentral Inc., the market leader in investment club accounting software and web services, today released Club Accounting 3 for Windows. This new program provides investment clubs and investing partnerships with a powerful new tool for handling their club operations, along with unprecedented ease of use and a long list of innovative new features.

Club Accounting 3 is the result of our firm’s 16 years of experience delivering club accounting solutions for investment clubs,” said ICLUBcentral’s Vice-President of Investing Products, Douglas Gerlach. “With this program, any individual can manage the records of their club’s investments and member contributions – without an accounting degree – quickly, easily and accurately.”

Club Accounting 3 is the result of a soup-to-nuts rethinking of the tasks a club treasurer undertakes for tax-compliant management of investment club books; Club Accounting 3 makes the job simpler than ever.

Club Accounting 3 features an easy-to-use interface to help you: understand your club finances; print reports; share graphs of club performance with club members; and prepare club taxes in accordance with federal tax law.

Product Features and Enhancements

With Club Accounting 3, club treasurers get all the rich accounting and support functionality you expect from ICLUBcentral, with these additional enhancements and features:

New Wizards

Club Accounting 3 features several new time-saving Wizards that walk treasurers through common tasks, like preparing or wrapping up the club’s monthly meeting, and closing the club’s books for the year.

New Home Page

Immediately upon starting the program, treasurers see a comprehensive snapshot of club holdings and current value.

New Automatic Program Updates

Every time Club Accounting 3 is started, the program checks to see if updates are available for download. The software’s built-in auto-updater ensures that users receive the latest patches as tax laws change or additional features are added to the program.

New Account Reconciliation

Treasurers can balance their books to their bank or brokerage firm statements using the Reconcile Accounts feature, making sure that no transactions are inadvertently missed or mis-entered.

New Graphic Design and User Interface

Club Accounting 3’s sharp new Windows XP theme-based user interface offers a pleasing work environment, featuring a left navigation bar that provides access to common tasks, icons to help identify tasks by type and a new menu structure that works the way that treasurers do.

New Report, Formats and Mailing Labels

Club Accounting 3 now export all reports to Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, or Adobe Acrobat® Reader format, for use in e-mailing to club members or creating customized reports. In addition, the program now provides for the creation of mailing labels for members, either directly on standard Avery labels or via a mail merge function with word processing programs.

New Automatic Data Audit

Every transaction is now audited automatically upon entry, ensuring that calculated values (such as unit values of member shares) are always correct.

Enhanced Help When and Where You Need It

Press F1 anywhere in the program to activate context-sensitive help, or just press the Help button on most screens to deliver help on any feature of the program. The help file is indexed and searchable, as well. The program ships with a 220-page printed manual, which is also available in PDF format from within the program.

Enhanced Year-End Options

Club Accounting 3 now allows clubs to choose whether or not to reinvest the year’s income and expenses in the purchase/sale of additional member units with the club.

Enhanced Accuracy and Portability of Data

Club Accounting 3’s internal accounting engine was completely rewritten to reflect current tax code and partnership accounting guidelines. In addition, data from the program can also be exported into ICLUBcentral’s Club Accounting Online Web service, allowing members to view reports and other information from the club’s private Web site. Only Club Accounting 3 and Club Accounting Online allow clubs to choose between desktop and Web accounting solutions, moving seamlessly from one to another.

Enhanced Federal and State Tax Filing Support

When tax season comes around, Club Accounting 3 helps treasurers prepare year-end tax filings for the IRS and for eight states with optional tax printer modules. The 2006 Tax Printers will be available in December 2005 and will integrate fully with Club Accounting 3.

Plus, All the Great Features of Club Accounting 2

· Accurate partnership accounting using the unit value system

· More than a dozen reports and graphs, including Monthly Valuation Statements and Member Status Reports

· Support for recording expenses on an equally-allocated or weighted basis

· Support for entering member fees and payments, including default values

· Support for investment transactions for stocks, funds, bonds and other securities

· Ability to import data from prior versions or Club Accounting Online

· Downloadable current and historical stock prices (for clubs with valid Maintenance agreements)

· Database of member contact information

· Export function to save data backups for recovery purposes

· Delayed price quotes for any stock

· Management of multiple clubs within the program (requires purchase of additional license)

Since 1989, ICLUBcentral has been the official provider of club accounting software to BetterInvesting’s National Association of Investors Corp. (NAIC), the leading non-profit organization devoted to investor education and investment clubs. Today, ICLUBcentral's web-based and desktop Club Accounting solutions are used by the majority of investment clubs and other investment partnerships in the United States, making ICLUBcentral the clear market leader in investment club solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Club Accounting 3 is available for purchase from BetterInvesting for $169.00 (for BetterInvesting members) and $219.00 for non-members. Special upgrade pricing is available for a limited time for users of prior versions of the program.

All purchases include a printed manual, a one-year Club Accounting maintenance subscription (a $49 value) and a free one-year subscription to Club Accounting Online (a $49 value, available at

For more information, to download a demonstration version or to purchase a copy of this powerful new revolution in investment club accounting, visit


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