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New Software Discounts to Investment Clubs

August 30, 2005 -


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ICLUBcentral Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (August 30, 2005)

The More, the Merrier: ICLUBcentral and BetterInvesting Offer Bulk Software Discounts to Investment Clubs

For a Limited Time, Clubs Can Purchase Stock Investing Tools for Less

Cambridge, Mass. – ICLUBcentral Inc., the market leader in accounting and stock analysis tools for individual investors and investment clubs, announced a new software discount program intended to help investment clubs more successfully evaluate and select stocks.

In cooperation with BetterInvesting™ (formerly the National Association of Investors Corp.), the leading national nonprofit investment education organization, ICLUBcentral will allow BetterInvesting investment club members to purchase five or more copies of certain ICLUBcentral stock analysis software at significantly discounted prices.

Responding to the requests of investment clubs across the country, ICLUBcentral and BetterInvesting will include two popular investing software tools in this discount program: Investor’s Toolkit, ICLUBcentral’s flagship stock analysis software and Classic Plus, a sophisticated teaching tool that allows investors to quickly learn and apply the tenets of fundamental company analysis and stock-picking.

Investor’s Toolkit ( includes BetterInvesting’s official worksheets for fundamental financial analysis of a company, helping investors identify high-quality stocks with the best potential for long-term returns. Version 5 of the Investor’s Toolkit adds easy-to-use portfolio management tools to the best selling fundamental analysis software program for long-term oriented, buy-and-hold investors and members of investment clubs.

Classic Plus ( features the Stock Wizard, a patient teacher skilled at leading new investors through BetterInvesting’s entire suite of stock-picking and portfolio management tools. The Stock Wiz walks users through each BetterInvesting worksheet, starting with the basics and covering all areas from entering data, to evaluating a company’s past performance, to making reasonable projections about a company’s future potential.

"Clubs that consistently use BetterInvesting’s time-tested methods of stock selection are likely to make better investments," said Douglas Gerlach, president of ICLUBcentral and the author of Investment Clubs for Dummies. “Investor’s Toolkit and Classic Plus are optimal tools for putting these strategies to work.”

“Time and time again, our experience shows that clubs that adhere to the BetterInvesting methodology will see better returns in their portfolios and greater success in their clubs,” Gerlach added.

To make the process of analyzing stocks even easier, both Classic Plus and Investor's Toolkit can interact with BetterInvesting's Online Premium Services to instantly download data for new companies and updates to companies that users are already tracking. This optional subscription is just $25 a year and gives unlimited access to historical data for more than 7,000 companies from Standard & Poor's/Compustat.

“Downloading data from OPS in either program is a snap,” said Gerlach. –“Not to mention the thrill our users feel when instantly accessing 10 years of high quality, analyst-normalized historical data, 60 months of price data and 16 quarters of recent quarterly data.”

Through Oct. 31, 2005, BetterInvesting clubs can purchase multiple copies of either Investor's Toolkit or Classic Plus at unbeatable discounts. The price per copy is $99 for Toolkit 5, a whopping $70 savings off the current member price of $169. For Classic Plus, the cost is $59, a discount of $20 off the $79 BI member price. (See below for important details of the offer.)

For more information, visit or contact BetterInvesting at 1-877-275-6242.

Offer Details

Because of the unprecedented low prices in this special offer, a few rules apply. Clubs must order five or more copies of either Investor's Toolkit or Classic Plus at one time in order for these prices to apply. Members must pay for the software in a single purchase. All members must be listed on the club's BetterInvesting membership roster. There is a single $10 shipping and handling fee per order. Orders under this program are non-refundable, so make sure all members review the system requirements or, better still, have them download the free demo version from before ordering to ensure compatibility with their computers.


About BetterInvesting
BetterInvesting is the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation, a national, nonprofit corporation with members consisting of investment clubs and individual investors, based in Madison Heights, Mich. BetterInvesting, founded in 1951 as NAIC, is considered the pioneer of the modern investment club movement in the United States and the voice of the individual investor. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a sound program of investment education and information to help its members become successful long-term, lifetime investors. The BetterInvesting community currently consists of 198,964 members, including 17,992 investment clubs. On average, each BetterInvesting member invests $84 per month in an investment club portfolio. The average BetterInvesting club invests in excess of $927 each month. The combined investment portfolios of BetterInvesting's members exceed $117 billion. For more information about BetterInvesting, visit its website at or call toll free (877) 275-6242.

About ICLUBcentral
Based in Cambridge, Mass., ICLUBcentral Inc. ( develops high-quality tools for individual investors and investment clubs, including software products, web services and the market-beating Investor Advisory Service newsletter. ICLUBcentral’s products include:

Accounting software for investment clubs: Online and Windows versions of club accounting software, plus federal and state tax printers.

Stock analysis software: Investor’s Toolkit, Stock Analyst, Classic Plus and Take Stock.

Stock screening software: Stock Prospector.

Investing newsletter: the Investor Advisory Service.

Since 1989, ICLUBcentral has been the official provider of club accounting software to NAIC’s BetterInvesting, the leading nonprofit organization devoted to investor education and investment clubs. Today, ICLUBcentral's desktop and web-based club accounting solutions and stock analysis software programs are used by the majority of investment clubs and other investment partnerships in the United States.

For more information on ICLUBcentral, visit

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