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BetterInvesting and ICLUBcentral Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

May 8, 2008 -


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Doug Gerlach
ICLUBcentral Inc.



BetterInvesting and ICLUBcentral Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Madison Heights, MI and Cambridge, MA- BetterInvesting and ICLUBcentral Inc., today announced a multi-year Strategic Alliance Agreement to jointly market selected ICLUBcentral products to BetterInvesting members, nationwide. The parties will also work closely together in a number of other capacities.

BetterInvesting renewed its endorsement of several ICLUBcentral products, including Club Accounting (formerly known as NAIC Club Accounting), Investor's Toolkit Version 5, Stock Analyst, Stock Prospector, and NAIC Classic Plus. The Strategic Alliance Agreement calls for review of additional ICLUBcentral products for endorsement in the future.

BetterInvesting will actively promote the ICLUBcentral tools to its members using a variety of marketing channels, including the BetterInvesting member website. In addition, a program has been designed for ICLUBcentral to actively support BetterInvesting chapters.

ICLUBcentral and BetterInvesting will coordinate efforts to maintain high customer support standards, with performance measured using customer surveys and similar methods.

"With low savings rates, rapidly evolving global markets, and baby boomers approaching retirement, there has never been a better time for empowering Americans to invest wisely," commented Douglas Gerlach, President of ICLUBcentral. "This renewed partnership with BetterInvesting recognizes that effective tools can play a significant role in that process."

"It is an important part of our mission to provide the best possible investing tools to our members," commented Bonnie Reyes, President of BetterInvesting. "This agreement with ICLUBcentral effectively supports that goal."

About ICLUBcentral

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ICLUBcentral Inc. ( is a leading community of investors focused on long-term fundamental investing. Its products include:

  • Stock analysis software: Investor's Toolkit, Stock Analyst, Classic Plus, and Take Stock
  • Stock screening software: Stock Prospector
  • Equity investing newsletter: the Investor Advisory Service

In addition, since 1989 ICLUBcentral has developed club accounting software and web sites for investment clubs. Today, ICLUBcentral's online club management suite at and desktop Club Accounting solutions are used by the majority of investment clubs and other investment partnerships in the United States, making ICLUBcentral the clear market leader in investment club solutions.

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About BetterInvesting

BetterInvesting is the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation, a national, nonprofit association with members consisting of individual investors and investment clubs. Founded in 1951 and with headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich., BetterInvesting is considered the voice of the individual investor, as well as the pioneer of the modern investment club movement. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a sound program of investment education and information to help its members become successful long-term, lifetime investors.

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