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Toolkit 6 for Windows Offers Power Tools for Smarter Investing

September 19, 2008 - PRESS RELEASE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (September 19, 2008)


ICLUBcentral Inc. Releases New Version of Its Flagship Stock Analysis Software Program for Individual Investors, Helping to Identify Reasonably-Valued Growth Stocks in Any Market

Cambridge, MA – ICLUBcentral Inc. today announced the release of the 6th version of the world’s most popular software program for long-term, fundamental stock analysis, Toolkit 6 (

Used by more fundamental investors than any other program, Toolkit 6 offers a variety of features for both novice and experienced investors, helping them to make smarter stock investing decisions.

“Since the first version of Toolkit was released in 1991, it has grown in popularity among investors,” said ICLUBcentral’s President, Douglas Gerlach. “Based on 17 years of user feedback and continuous improvements, Toolkit 6 now offers a robust suite of intuitive features that meet the needs of today’s buy-and-hold oriented stock investors.”

“Now, perhaps more than ever, investors need the right tools to make sense of the confusing state of the overall markets and the economical cycle. With Toolkit 6, a tool is available that can help focus attention on the key elements of individual stock analysis.” Gerlach concluded, “With Toolkit 6, we have a tool that delivers a constant flow of ideas to consider – via our unique, proprietary Complete Roster of Quality Companies listing – an analysis framework that’s proven and time-tested, and the portfolio management tools required to manage a common stock portfolio of any size.”

Packed with power features, Toolkit 6 features a complete suite of stock analysis forms and portfolio reports that identify stocks that are good possibilities for investment -- and stocks that should be avoided.

Using Toolkit 6, any investor can develop a personalized model of a stock's likely future performance, current valuation, and optimal buy price. The ability to download, import, and update ten years of historical data for any company using Morningstar® data from (separate subscription required) makes it easy to start a stock study, manage current holding, and a watch list.

Toolkit 6's unique portfolio management system provides early warning alerts to flag companies that are potentially over-priced or those that may be experiencing troubles. Using an innovative Offense and Defense strategy, you can watch over your holdings with ease and pinpoint potential problems before your entire portfolio takes a hit.

Product Features and Enhancements

Toolkit 6 has introduced a number of additional enhancements and features to the already-rich menu of tools provided in the prior release (Investor’s Toolkit 5):
  • NEW: Identify top-rated companies as potential stocks to study using the regularly-updated “Complete Roster of Quality Companies” listing, downloaded automatically directly into the program. (StockCentral subscription required.) The “Complete Roster of Quality Companies” is ICLUBcentral’s proprietary screen of companies that meet minimum standards of quality as defined by the consistency and strength of historical EPS growth and the consistency of profit margins.
  • NEW: Display preliminary judgment for any new stock using Toolkit 6's "First Impression" screen, helping you to instantly weed out unlikely candidates and focus only on stocks with the most promising prospects.
  • NEW: Plot additional historical data points including dividends, net income, book value, and outstanding shares on the program's customizable historical data graph.
  • NEW: Chart future fiscal year analyst estimates directly on the EPS graph to aid in projecting a company’s future long-term growth.
  • NEW: Choose to calculate Return on Equity and using beginning-of-year equity instead of end-of-year data to better reflect management’s performance.
  • NEW: Display and print a more complete revenue-based EPS estimate directly on the company’s data graph for ease of reference.
  • NEW: Choose to use average Price/Earnings Ratios from the last five or ten years by default whenever you are developing a valuation model for a stock.
  • NEW: Company-specific web site addresses used in conducting additional research on a stock under review can now be automatically revised automatically as updates to the software are released. Users may continue to enter their own research links.
  • NEW: Navigate more easily through the program using an improved, cleaner graphical toolbar.
  • NEW: A new "Smart Data Updater" notifies users at startup if newer data is available for companies in the library and saved portfolios.
  • NEW: Share completed stock studies and discuss conclusions with like-minded investors in the StockCentral community, all from within Toolkit 6.(StockCentral subscription required.)
  • NEW: Miniature "Quick View" Stock Study graphs appear when right-clicking on a company in the Library or on the Comparison header row.
  • NEW: The Stock Study no longer displays potentially misleading simple averages, instead always using compound annualized values.
  • NEW: Installs and runs in 32-bit Windows Vista® without annoying User Access Control alerts.
Pricing and Availability

Toolkit 6 is available for purchase from ICLUBcentral for $169.99 (for StockCentral members) and $179.99 for non-members. Special upgrade pricing is available for a limited time for users of prior versions of the program. Investors may purchase the download version with immediate activation, or choose to have the program shipped on CD. A printed 370-page manual and guide to investing methodology is available for purchase separately.

Users of the prior version of the program, Investor's Toolkit 5, are eligible to upgrade to Toolkit 6 at a special discount price of just $109.99 ($99.99 for StockCentral members!). Upgrade prices are valid until December 31, 2008.

For more information, to download a free 30-day demonstration version, or to purchase a copy of this powerful new tool for stock analysis, visit


About ICLUBcentral
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ICLUBcentral Inc. is a leading provider of tools focused on long-term fundamental investing. ICLUBcentral provides individual investors and investment clubs with the data and insight they need to invest successfully in the stock market.

ICLUBcentral’s lineup of software products for individual investors include:
  • Toolkit 6, portfolio management and stock analysis.
  • Stock Analyst, software for advanced stock analysis.
  • Classic Plus, wizard-based educational program sold exclusively by BetterInvesting.
  • Take Stock, software that provides Instant Stock Analysis™ for neophytes who want to invest directly in stocks using a sound approach.
  • Stock Prospector, screening software for Windows, sold exclusively by BetterInvesting.
ICLUBcentral’s online investment community, StockCentral (, is home to several thousand investors who use the site’s analysis and screening tools, historical company data reports, industry and sector data, ratio analyzer, message boards, and learning libraries to complete and share their personalized stock analyses.

ICLUBcentral's online club management suite at, desktop Club Accounting software, and associated state and Federal tax return programs are used by the majority of investment clubs and other investment partnerships in the United States, making ICLUBcentral the clear market leader in investment club solutions.

In addition, the company publishes the Investor Advisory Service, a market-beating investment newsletter.

For more information on the company and its line of investing tools, visit

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