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Industry Averages

Industry Averages

Key industry averages are provided here to help you assess company performance using BetterInvesting's Stock Selection Guide, for two crucial criteria:

  • Pre-tax Income on Revenues or % Pre-tax Profit on Sales. This pre-tax profit margin measures how well management converts sales dollars into profits before taxes.
  • Return on Equity. This measures how well management produces a profit from the money invested by the shareholders.

We have also provided averages for Debt/Equity, 5 Year Revenue Growth, 5 Year EPS Growth, PE, and EPS Predictability (R2) for all industries. These items can serve as a quick reference for comparing company growth to the industry growth average. This is useful information when evaluating a company and can help you gauge how well the management is performing in relative terms. The data is provided weekly by, and StockCentral members can access these industry averages and other sector and industry research in the Data section of the web site. The data is refreshed weekly on the site, and can be displayed, printed, and downloaded in various formats.

Disclaimer: This industry information is meant to assist persons performing fundamental stock analysis with ICLUBcentral's software. The data is meant to give a perspective on how a particular company is performing relative to its industry. Ideas and opinions may be triggered for the reader to develop when doing his/her own stock studies. The data is presented for educational purposes only and is not meant as recommendations of stocks to purchase.

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