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ICLUBcentral Welcomes Investware Users

On November 1, 2003, ICLUBcentral Inc. and InvestWare Corp. announced that their companies had merged. Both companies have long provided investing software to the membership of Better Investing, a national non-profit dedicated to investor education, and expect the combined entity to more effectively serve those customers.

ICLUBcentral will continue to develop and support the excellent software programs and services developed by Investware. To help you quickly find what you're looking for on the ICLUBcentral web site, please refer below.


All Investware software programs will now be supported by ICLUBcentral's Customer Support team.

In order to contact customer support with questions regarding any Investware program, please visit our new Support Request Web page.

Email to all email support email addresses are no longer accepted. We ask that you simply go to the support web page, select the software matching your question, and enter the details. Because you are answering all our questions the first time around, we'll be that much better informed and more likely to answer your question the first time around.

For more information on the ICLUBcentral/Investware merger, read the official press announcement.

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