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ICLUBcentral Releases Investor’s Toolkit 5.1

July 14, 2005 - Contact Information:
ICLUBcentral Inc.

ICLUBcentral Releases Investor's Toolkit 5.1

Update to Market Leading Fundamental Stock Analysis Software Program Provides Investors with More Features and Improvements

Cambridge, MA -- ICLUBcentral Inc., the market leader in accounting and analysis tools for individual investors and investment clubs, announced the release of an update to its flagship investing software program, Investor's Toolkit 5.

Investor's Toolkit 5 is a leading fundamental analysis software program for long-term oriented, buy-and-hold investors and members of investment clubs, and version 5.1 offers several product enhancements and additional features for users of the program.

"The release of Investor's Toolkit 5.1 is just another indication of our commitment to our customers to provide ongoing support for their primary tool for analyzing stocks," explained ICLUBcentral's President, Douglas Gerlach. "Whether investors are investigating stocks for their own portfolios or for their investment clubs, Investor's Toolkit is leads the way to better stock selection with unprecedented power and ease of use."

Among the many new features and enhancements available in Investor's Toolkit version 5.1 are:

  • A new export file format, the *.SDF Stock Data File format, allows users of the program to exchange their completed company analyses with users of ICLUBcentral's other stock analysis software, Stock Analyst and Classic Plus, as well as with other users of Investor's Toolkit. This expanded file format includes more data and user-entered judgment items to allow a complete company analysis to be emailed or shared with other investors or members of an investment club.
  • When updating data via the automated data service, BetterInvesting's Online Premium Services (OPS), companies with "locked" data will no longer generate warning messages.
  • When the user enters new estimated Earnings per Share in the Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) module, those changes are now reflected on the Stock Comparison Guide when comparing companies.
  • Company and portfolio views now display the same upside/downside ratios, eliminating changes due to rounding differences that previously existed.
  • The software now accommodates missing or zero values on the PERT B worksheet.
  • Section 3 of the Stock Selection Guide worksheet now displays the company's current PEG Ratio as an added evaluation metric.
  • Run-time errors that sometimes occurred when using the Revenue-Based EPS Projection Method (the "Preferred Procedure") have been eliminated.
  • The software now features a new splash screen when loading, as well as a new program icon.

A complete list of all changes is available.

The update is provided at no additional charge to all subscribers to ICLUBcentral's Investing Software Maintenance Agreement. Investor's Toolkit features an updater within the program, allowing users to automatically detect, download and install any provided updates to the program.

About Investor's Toolkit 5

First introduced in 1991, Investor's Toolkit allows investors to quickly and easily analyze promising stocks and manage portfolios. Based on the fundamental analysis techniques of BetterInvesting, the national non-profit investment education organization, Investor's Toolkit focuses on long-term, buy-and-hold criteria to identify winning stocks. Investor's Toolkit 5.1 is $219.00 (with discounts for members of BetterInvesting). For more information, to download a free 30-day demo, or to purchase a copy, please visit:

About ICLUBcentral

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ICLUBcentral Inc. develops quality tools for investors and investment clubs, including software products, web sites and the market-beating Investor Advisory Service newsletter. For more information on the company, visit

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